3Teeth – Metawar review

Bring on the new industrial revolution 9/10

3Teeth Band

3Teeth, the LA based industrial quintet that formed in 2013, have gone from strength to strength. Their self-titled debut, released in 2014 topped the iTunes chart and sped them on their way to tour with TOOL, while 2017’s  <shutdown.exe> resulted in the support of acts such as Rammstein, HIM, and Danzig.

Vocalist Alexis Mincolla has this to say:

“Our debut album was man vs the world, our sophomore album was man vs himself, and now our forthcoming third album is world vs world”

If man doesn’t create his own world, then he will in turn be crushed by the world of another.

“We live in a world where we are all tethered to the same large scale prosthetic digital nervous system, and perpetually being manipulated and incentivized by the ideology de jour. Even the most independent thinkers are being pinned to one side or another as a result of it. Our goal is to jam this album in the cognitive gears that perpetuate this fiercely divisive rhetoric, by exposing the hypocrisy, idiocy, and insanity on all sides. It’s time to carve out a non-conformist space between the left and right that doesn’t have a definable psychographic for corporations to exploit. Metawar is here to tear down the walls of our memetic concentration camps.”

I feel it is important to pay attention to the above concept. At the initial listen, it is too easy judge this body of work against the excitement of the previous releases.
In comparison, this seems like a product from within the matrix.
A wake-up call.

3Teeth have always intended to be more of a multimedia art project that a band and Metawar may have lost a little in translation. It’s a struggle to judge an aural release which should be experienced by all of the senses. But there are exceptional videos to enhance both understanding and interpretation.

The album opens with Hyperstition which sets the scene in a series of news report soundbites, which builds in exasperating chaos before Affluenza kicks in. The contagion of affluence and materialism in an infectious synth orientated number with a strong, melodic metal thrust and echoes of Ministry and White Zombie. The lyric video is truly inspired and you can check it out here

Heading into a spikier industrial vibe with a hard hitting early NIN aggression, Exxxit with its disparaging comment on the oppression of the public and the available choices remaining when

We hear the things they say
It’s all insanity
You make your choice today
It’s exit, voice or loyalty

American Landfill commences with an image. A strong image. Depicting a brain, within a geometric mandala style shape and the figure of a human, perhaps copulating with the brain. ‘Operation Mindfuck,’ the name of the fan club, (more than a Queensryche pun), is also a derivative of the Discordian antithesis ’religion’. The video itself was conducted by visual effects artist Matthew Charles Santoro, friend of Alexis and with a resume that includes 300, X-Men and Alien vs Predator which captures the feel of a dystopian track reminiscent of early Fear Factory colliding with Combichrist in the most desolate of landscapes. Embrace and blow your mind, here

President X increases the horror in a damning and attack on ‘another symptom of a greater disease’ and our reptilian overlords. Musically claustrophobic and rousing with strong Marilyn Manson hints, again the video strongly enhances the pleasure of this crowd pleaser.

Altaer is an altogether sleazier beast. An undulating, serpentine predator. Relentlessly stalking with a hypnotic groove.  Time Slave has a far more pared back and dark approach, with the focus predominantly on the surprising synths and a pummeling bass riff. The tempo increases for the earworm that is Bornless. Captivating, but disconcerting with wonderful spacey synth work by  Xavier Swafford.

The atmospheric Surrender spirals, gathering momentum in a darker vein with added 80’s style electronica. Sell Your Face 2.0 is a high octane blast that is tremendously rousing

Self-absorbed, digital lust
Coma induced, spiritual rust
Codependent, loving the liar
Feeding content to hallowed buyer

An evacuation fallout procedure, instructs you to stand by and await further instructions as Blackout commences. There is again a strong 80’s electro-goth influence in this number before veering into angstier, revolution territory.  The Fall is among my personal favourites after several listens. Doomier, gloomier and continuing the vintage gothic theme while Pumped Up Kicks is a fantastic interpretation of the indie kids  Foster the People irritant from 2010. This harder hitting version is far more appropriate to drive home the lyrical content and is sure to hit a movie soundtrack, soon.

Metawar is a somnambulistic nightmare where discordant but soothing and melodic riffs lull you into a false sense of security with modern gated drums which is the equivalent of a feather  pillow stuck to a wrecking ball. The impact is still strong, but it is far more accessible, less anarchic and I would be thoroughly delighted if I heard this on the radio. I would be grateful for an updated, industrial revolution.

Metawar is available now and can be purchased here

  1. Hyperstition
  2. Affluenza
  3. Exxxit
  4. American Landfill
  5. President X
  6. Altar
  7. Time Slave
  8. Bornless
  9. Surrender
  10. Sell Your Face 2.0
  11. Blackout
  12. The Fall
  13. Pumped Up Kicks

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