5 Bands to watch at Bloodstock 2019

Have some gaps in your schedule? Here’s a few bands to catch at Bloodstock 2019.

Bloodstock Crest Logo image. A human or demon skull with large horns like a bison in a metal circle with large points coming from it.
We’re a week away from Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2019 and if you find yourself browsing the clashfinder with some gaps in your schedule then here’s a few suggestions.

5. The Scorpions

Come on. Admit it. When Klaus Meine begins that whistle and your phone flashlight is in the air there will be just a small lump in your throat. You might just believe in the Winds of Change, if only for 10 minutes. It might be cheesy, but it’s The Scorpions FFS! A band that were around at the inception of heavy metal in the sixties and if it were up to them, will be around at the end when we manage to finally exhaust this little lump of rock orbiting the sun. They’ve influenced countless bands and provide a fitting end to the main stage. Song to watch out for: Rock You Like A Hurricane.

4. Parkway Drive

Well, Parkway Drive certainly divided opinion when they were announced as headliners this year. “True metalheads don’t like metalcore”. Well I got news for you guys, there have always been bands that are gateways into metal and some of them are bloody good – Linkin Park anyone? Sure, a lot of metalcore is generic, E string chugging, repetitive tosh, but a good tune will always be a good tune and Parkway Drive have tons of them. And I don’t care if my grandma likes them! Songs to watch out for: Prey/Cemetery Bloom.

3. Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth are a band that seems to be loathed and liked in equal measure by metal heads all over the world whether it be for their Goth image or their songs about love, ghosts and vampires. All this being said, they are still vastly important in the history of Black/Extreme metal. I’m in the ‘liked’ camp. Epic music, poetic lyrics and Danni Filth’s voice swing it for me. Song to watch out for: Her Ghost in the Fog.

2. Eluveitie

Hurdy-gurdy – check. Bagpipes – check. Flute – check. Clean AND harsh vocals – check. Song lyrics in the extinct language of Gaulish – check. Eluveitie, the band that were at the forefront of the ‘New Wave of Folk Metal’, return to the UK with Fabienne Erni ably replacing Anna Murphy’s crisp and haunting vocals. They close out Sunday with what promises to be a rousing finale. Songs to watch out for: Inis Mona/Breathe.

1. Queensryche

31 years after the release of what many consider the pinnacle of progressive metal, Operation: Mindcrime, the legendary band perform their only UK festival this year. With (now not so new) singer Todd La Torre’s voice ably and sometimes spookily filling the shoes of the departed Geoff Tate, they will no doubt fill their set with a string of classic songs of the calibre of Operation: Mindcrime, Jet City Woman and Silent Lucidity. Song to watch out for: Eyes of a Stranger.

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