5 Best (Or Worst) Rock and Metal Haircuts

5 of the best (or worst) haircuts metal and rock has offered up over the last 40 years

Metal music is synonymous with many things; hard and fast living; massive riffs; controversy… however, nothing screams “metal band” more than some of the spectacular hair cuts the genre has provided us with over the years.

Here at Metal Report we think these could be some of the best (or maybe worst?) metal hair cuts of all time. So, here they are in no particular order:

Joey Scott
Lizzy Borden

Joey Scott’s hair cuts have ranged from the heavy metal mosh mullet, an Axel Roseesque chop to his latest incarnation, which appears to channel Machine Head’s Robb Flynn. With Lizzy Borden reforming earlier this year, and the release a new, well received album, it looks like we’ll be treated to drummer Joey’s transforming locks for a good few years to come.

Check out details of their new album here. 

Hanoi Rocks – The whole band

This Finnish band brought a whole new meaning to the term “Hair Metal”. Their hairspray bill must have resembled 1980s unemployment rates. Now defunct, the first Finnish Band to chart in the UK, Hanoi Rocks legacy can be found in the music and stage presence of bands such as Guns N Roses, Poison and LA Gunns. The Manics and Foo Fighters are said to be fans.

Chino Moreno

Ah Chino, dear Chino… this epitome of 90s Nu Metal cool should be held responsible for the terrible bleached dos of many a 90s/00s teenage boy (as well as the baggy trews and chains). Deftones returned to form with the release of Gore in 2016, an album of melodic intensity that showed the true roots of nu metal are far more lasting than a bottle of bleach.

Bill Kaulitz
Tokio Hotel

Not sure this should be included in a metal line up, but Bill’s hair is so bad it needs to be included on a list somewhere…“Ich Habe Angst” was his rallying call in an interview for Vanity Fair back in 2008. This poppy screamo’s look was of its time and should probably remain there. Billy has shown that he can indeed move with the times and is now fully embracing a proto hipster look. Check him out on Instagram. Tokio Hotel are still alive and kicking with a new album Dream Machine.

The Doctor
Doctor and the Medics

Special mention goes out to The Doctor from the awesome Doctor and the Medics, seen here performing Spirit in the Sky. This out there individual is proud of the band’s status as one hit wonders. Doctor and the medics still tour regularly and can be seen at a variety of upcoming festivals across the UK. Check out their website for more information. http://doctorandthemedics.com/