5 Things About Morbid Angel

Morbid Angel blew our minds with one particular piece of trivia that we never noticed before but here’s 5 altogether!

Morbid Angel Logo

Despite being a fan of Morbid Angel since 1993, there was one bit of trivia that I had no idea about until yesterday, so I thought I’d compile a list of four things I already knew with the brand new factoid.

Morbid Angel Fact #5

While it was Death who defined the Death Metal genre, Morbid Angel’s Covenant is the best selling Death Metal album since the Nielsen/Soundscan sales system was instrumented in 2001 and are one of the best selling and most influential Death Metal bands of all time. Their Satanic subject matter was allegedly an influence on the Norweigian Black Metal scene. Funnily though, Morbid Angel’s major exposure on MTV came as part of Beavis and Butthead where the pair mimicked David Vincent’s “Bow to me faithfully” line from God of Emptiness.

Morbid Angel Fact #4

Guitarist Trey Azagthoth is a huge fan of Sailor Moon and was a massive fan of the games Doom and Quake, so much so that there used to be a section on the band’s website where you could download Trey’s custom made maps for the games. Trey’s gamertag was Sailor Meanie and his Quake III clan was called Sailor Scouts.

The Genitorturers
The Genitorturers had ‘interesting’ stage shows

Morbid Angel Fact #3

When vocalist David Vincent left the band in 1995 he joined his then wife’s band The Genitorturers. Vincent’s wife, Gen Torturer was a dominatrix and piercer in addition to fronting the band and their gigs would feature on stage piercing, flogging, bondage and burlesque with a lot of exposed skin. Thankfully Vincent kept his clothes on.

Morbid Angel Fact #2

While the seven string guitar had been around for a long time and used mainly in Jazz, it was Steve Vai who started using one for the rock/metal genre. However, it was Trey Azagthoth’s use of a seven string on the 1993 album Covenant which lead to it’s popularity amongst bands, inspiring Korn to use them. Korn are usually wrongly credited with being the first band to use them.

Morbid Angel Fact #1

Morbid Angel’s albums are alphabetically named – Altars of Madness, Blessed are the Sick, Covenant, Domination, Entangled in Chaos, Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, Gateways to Annihilation, Heretic, Illud Divinum Insanus, Juvenilia and Kingdoms Disdained. How I never noticed that before I have absolutely no idea…

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