7he 7ouch – SeventySeven review

A fantastic debut by a very promising band 8/10

7he 7ouch originated in Athens and formed in 2012, the group was born from a shared love of music among four friends and their urge to escape their daily routine. Instigated by the Greek financial crisis, the friends chose to take a large leap and relocate to London to pursue a musical career. While the early days were tough, 7he 7ouch have said that they learned from this, that all new beginnings have their difficulties and obstacles to overcome. The most important thing was that they had each other through it all. Now in 2018 this band of brothers are releasing their debut EP, SeventySeven which is a joyous and powerful selection of radio friendly, upbeat, fist punching party tunes.

Their influences appear to range from classic rock, to nu-metal with hints of blues and a healthy dose 80’s teen movie exhilaration. Somewhat reminiscent of the old (younger) Bon Jovi but with a sleazier Sunset Strip toughness and a modern, spikier edge.

opens with Solution , and it is a rip roaring track with its soaring guitars and an incredibly catchy bass riff. This is their debut single and a great introduction to what lies in store. Despite its upbeat tempo, accessibility and sharp hooks this track is not a throwaway pop-rock anthem. The lyrics questions the political turmoil affecting the people across the globe and the extreme ideologies people have on how to deal with the issues!

You Can, is their mid tempo anthemic second single, which reflects upon their move to London and the obstacles they have had to overcome as a band. Their first weeks in the capital saw them without money and a place to stay, with vocalist Constantine confessing “it was one of the first ever times that I felt lonely”. There are hints at pathos and dejection akin to 80’s rock powerhouses such as Def Leppard that inspires positivity, despite its poignancy.

My Face (Nanana) is the third single from the EP and commences with a blistering guitar introduction. This was the first song the band wrote once they had arrived in London and were literally homeless, completely broke and crashing on a friends couch. ‘It was Halloween everyone was out there acting and dressing crazy. We were broke and chilling in. We jammed this idea on the acoustic and we came up with a live video just because we really digged it and didn’t want to forget the whole idea.’ It’s an incredibly catchy hard rock belter of a track about overcoming rejection. Something that the band have all dealt with and which many of us can relate to.

Knobs is an upbeat love song, with an 80’s hard rock energy hybridised with a nu metal styling to create a dancefloor filler that explores the internal fire you possess when meeting someone who can impact your life.

“It’s an ode to those people that come into our lives and make us feel things that are kind of hard to explain and don’t necessarily need to be explained”, describes vocalist Constantine.

“It’s like the butterflies you get in your stomach, when you are with someone and you know this is the person you want to start making memories with and take that deep dive into the mystics of love, passion and desire. You don’t know how or why, but you just feel it. “

Rage is a somewhat grungier affair, with almost Alice in Chains-esque vocals and an Ugly Kid Joe delivery! It’s accomplished and great fun. Blitz closes the offering with an epic of a high octane nu-metal anthem. This is a fantastic debut by a very promising band and I wish them the best for their future outputs.7he 7ouch

Catch 7he 7ouch live:

Nov 9th – The Kings Arms, Manchester
Nov 10th – Fox & Newt, Leeds
Nov 11th – The Flapper, Birmingham
Nov 12th – Nambucca, London

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