Amon Amarth @ Brixton Academy, 30.11.2019

Opening the audience’s eyes metaphorically and literally with the instantly recognisable tune of “Raven’s Flight” (after the crowd had a little sing along to the classic Maiden anthem, Run To The Hills) setting the pace from the get go. Amon Amarth have almost reached the level where their stage performance could be compared to one of the greats such as Rammstein with enough pyrotechnics to contribute a sizable hole to the ozone layer, it’s safe to say I’d feel sorry for the folks at the front. A personal highlight for me was the song a third of the way through the set list “First Kill” which of the multiple times I’ve seen Amon Amarth has not failed to disappoint, and this time was also no exception. Leading directly into “Fafner’s Gold” the pace didn’t let up, and wouldn’t for the entire show, putting on display the sheer voracity the band demands of the audience.

Ending the show on yet another high note were the songs “Guardians of Asgard” which of course everyone who had even heard of Amon Amarth knows the words to, and if they didn’t, with the amount of people singing in the crowd at this point it would’ve been easy to pick up for sure. Followed swiftly by “Raise your horns” which preached as less of a song and more of the band commanding the audience to drink with them. Skål!

But of course the show wasn’t over, you’d be forgiven thinking it was for the gut-wrenching pause that was left between the departure and the inevitable return. “The pursuit of Vikings” made for a perfect mirror of the crowd’s hunger for more Viking metal and flame. Making a special guest appearance during the final song “Twilight of the Thunder God” was the world serpent himself Jörmungandr, though in this iteration he looked decidedly more declarable. I can easily say that the inflatable serpent was one of the most surprising things I’ve seen appear on stage, and so was the image of the lead singer (Johan Hegg) running up to the serpent with a giant hammer, smiting it from existence, yet not losing pace once from the song.

10/10 would berserk again.