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Melodic, metalcore uplifting times 8/10Any Given Day Dec

The German metalcore five piece Any Given Day is back with a force with Overpower. Gaining both interest and horror with their 2013 very alternative cover of Rihanna‘s Diamonds their debut album band My Longest Way Home demonstrated there was considerably more to the band than met the eye.  Their single Arise, featuring Matt Heafy (Trivium) gained them further acclaim as did their previous album Everlasting.

Building on their contemporary brand of modern metal, the band have stated

Overpower is our hardest yet melodic album. Every song is different and has its own vibe without losing our own sound. With this album, we developed ourselves and we’re showing new facets.”,

Combining elements of brutality, with catchy melody and astounding vocals, Overpower delivers a heavy dose of metal with uplifting messages.

Opening with the slow burning Start Over, it’s almost a minute until vocals, but it is worth the wait. Dennis Diehl masterfully handles cleans and growls while delivering a message of perseverance in an impressively motivational track. Loveless was the second released single and is a weighty, catchy affair with hints of Five Finger Death Punch in a track that’s sure to get the crowd going, there’s even a perfect break to organize a wall of death…
the first single, is an impressive track with a perfect balance of melodic and bombastic metalcore and hard riffs.

“We put all of our energy in this song to open a new chapter while staying 100% AGD! Savior is the cornerstone of the new album and guided our way on our current journey. Even the smallest things we do or say can save someone else’s life. Be a SAVIOR!

Taking Over Me hits at full throttle with its hints of electronica and scratching a little Slipknot. Lonewolf is accomplished and probably the most commercial of tracks by Any Given Day, without selling out. Written about an outsider, alienation and isolation -a situation that more individuals are experiencing. Guitarist Andy Posdziech had previously said

“I’ve never been so nervous and excited to release a new single! ‘Lonewolf‘ was the first song we wrote for the new album and it took me a lot of hard work during the album production. It’s the most emotional song I’ve ever written and I’m looking forward to all your feedback! Can’t wait!“

Check out the video for Lonewolf here

Devil Inside ups the ante with ferocious guttural vocals which switch to melodic cleans in a manner for which AGD are familiar  Sure To Fail follows with a similar mid-tempo pace, but with a slightly more progressive feel.  Blast beats and roars aggressively open In Deafening Silence before falling to some great dual guitars in a somewhat NWOBHM style before blasting stratospherically. Hinting at classic, thrash and power metal, but with both feet firmly rooted in metalcore this is track is a lot of fun.

Whatever It Takes
takes a slightly punkier, ferocious slant which clashes wonderfully with the clean chorus. Fear starts slowly, electronically, almost industrially before kicking into a a pleasant rock ballad before returning to more familiar territory to close the track.Never Surrender is sure to be a fan favourite, there is a distinct 80’s feel to the music, with metalcore vocals and a pounding beat. Clever, upbeat and danceable well done!

A little more mellow, somewhat more melodic with a great balance of vocal styles and some truly inspired musicianship and a few surprises. Overpower, is a well produced body of work which demonstrates a maturity and muscle that also makes for a great party album.

Any Given Day Overpower

Overpower’ tracklist:
01. Start Over
02. Loveless
03. Savior
04. Taking Over Me
05. Lonewolf
06. Devil Inside
07. Sure To Fail
08. In Deafening Silence
09. Whatever It Takes
10. Fear
11. Never Surrender

Overpower is available now and can be purchased via Amazon

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