Backyard Babies – Sliver and Gold Review

Sleazy but fresh with a cleaner sound. 9/10


Backyard Babies - Silver and Gold album cover

Sliver and Gold is Backyard Babies‘ second album release since they ended their 5 year hiatus and released Four by Four in 2015. This was a strong come back for them and proved that the break had given them a new lease of life and they were solid and still very tight.  They are now celebrating 30 years together as a band – no mean feat – and still very full of life!!

Their 8th studio album bursts into action with Good Morning Midnight, the second single to be released, a punchy, sleazy, toe tapping riff that immediately has you moving! And they don’t let go, keeping momentum track after track.  As always that tried and trusted Backyard Babies formula is very much present , it is unmistakably them, which is very much a compliment. Long time fans can still enjoy that classic feel which they have shaken up and brought forward to make it relevant to new audiences too.

This album feels familiar but fresh , still sleazy , still an edge to it but rounded off with a much cleaner rock and roll sound.  First single Shovin’ Rocks demonstrates this cleaner more classic sound and is an ode to their 30 years – “I’ve been shovin’ rock and roll for 30 years…” and you can tell that there’s still a lot of passion here for what they do.

This album is FULL of all things good , easily the soundtrack to summer with that ‘top down , wind in your hair driving vibe’ dancing with your mates and singing along to ear worms such as Ragged Flag and 44 Undead which is reminiscent of their 2003 track Minus Celsius and has a real ‘old skool babies’ vibe.

Each track instantly has your head nodding , Yes to All No starts off slow but soon brings you back to the party. This is a band that still has a lot to say and a voice that we still want to hear. Title track Sliver and Gold and A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts take a more punk approach keeping the fast pace but changing it up enough to stop it becoming repetitive.

Bringing the album to a close and winding down is final track Laugh now cry later , exploring the complexities of life – ”like a game of chess, you don’t know the rules of chess ” this piano ballad is one for the lighters and will have you swaying and singing along in unison.

A great addition to their already strong body of work, this album brings the best of both worlds – it may not have as much grit and dirt as their early work, but it maintains their essence and adds a more honed clean edge. They have their roots firmly planted in solid “Silver & Gold” rock and roll! A perfect celebration of their 30 years together and proof that rock is very much alive! 9/10

Sliver and Gold is released on March 1st and can be purchased through Amazon