Bad Wolves Exclusive Interview – Tommy’s Illness, New Album, Devildriver’s Country Album and More

The Metal Report exclusively speaks to John Boecklin and Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves

Bad Wolves

The Metal Report spoke exclusively with John Boecklin and Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves before their gig in Bristol on the 5th of October 2018.

John Boecklin updates us on Tommy Vext’s hospitalisation and Austin and Stars stepping in to fill in for Tommy live before talking about the phenomenal success Bad Wolves have experienced this year.  He talks of Zombie and being aware that the song’s success is in part due to the passing of Delores O’Riordan and Doc talks about how he thinks Zombie would have sounded with O’Riordan’s contribution, while both talk about playing such a political song in Ireland.

Talk moves on to the collaboration with Diamante, how the song wasn’t going to be on the album, the two versions and an unreleased third version. Doc talks about Tommy reliving the experiences with his brother when they play Remember When and how the song has become an organic hit.

Doc and John talk about the step up to being an arena band, being patient and managing expectations for Bad Wolves’ success. When it comes to politics, they talk about not alienating fans and accepting the opinions of others with co-existing. They go on to talk about Europe and being unsure how well received they’d be here, the Nickelback tour and dealing with criticism.

John talks about Devildriver’s recent country covers album and how he’d have suggested not doing it then he and Doc talk about what songs they’d cover in future.  They discuss the upcming album, who they’d like to tour with in future and their favourite songs from the Disobey album.

You can listen to the interview on Soundcloud or listen below on YouTube. You can read our review of the Bristol show here.

You can check out Bad Wolves on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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