Belzebubs enter studio to record debut album on Century Media Records

Album due early 2019Belzebubs
Monochromatic occultists BELZEBUBS have entered the notorious Hellhole Studio to forge their yet-untitled Century Media studio album. Scheduled for a spring 2019 release, the album will be mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö (Dissection, Dark Funeral, etc.), who already conjured some arcane black magic on the band’s 7” single ”Blackened Call” earlier this year.

“We are truly thrilled about the epic scale of these songs. Our trademark blackened death metal is crabwalking towards progressive and symphonic dimensions,” comments vocalist/guitarist Sløth. ”I’m pretty sure many of our fans will be left awestruck!”

Vocalist/bassist Hubbath agrees:

“Quite right! Black metal with death metal aesthetics has never sounded this multifaceted. Samaël just wrapped up the drums this week, and the rest of us will definitely need to bring our A-game if we want to keep up. The man’s a beast.”

Belzebubs recordingCheck back with BELZEBUBS and follow their production diary via their social media accounts and follow this link to get a 360-degree view from inside the studio

Watch the previously released video for “Blackened Call” here:

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