Belzebubs release second teaser and tracklist

Debut album “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods” out April 26th

The enigmatic occvlt visionaries Belzebubs have revealed the second mesmerizing teaser from their long-awaited Century Media debut album “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods”.

With nine tracks and a running time of 53 minutes, the upcoming album is full of haunting details and furious vigor, that’ll make it last far beyond Judgement Day.Belzebubs Pantheon of the Nightside Gods

1. Cathedrals of Mourning (6:18)
2. The Faustian Alchemist (4:14)
3. Blackened Call (3:45)
4. Acheron (7:32)
5. Nam Gloria Lucifer (4:29)
6. The Crowned Daughters (5:11)
7. Dark Mother (9:15)
8. The Werewolf Bride (4:08)
9. Pantheon of the Nightside Gods (8:54)

The limited version of the album also contains two bonus tracks; “Nuns In the Purgatory” (3:14) and “Maleficarum” (4:39), the prelude to their “Veil of the Moon Queen” saga.

The track “Blackened Call” got already released as a standalone single. The official video for “Blackened Call”, which has over one million views, can be seen here:

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