Billybio ‘Feed The Fire’ Review

Billy Graziadei unleashes his solo project 8/10

Billybio Feed the Fire album cover

Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei is a veteran of the hardcore scene, first starting out with Biohazard back in 1987 and now 31 years later he’s releasing a solo album as Billybio. Graziadei is an impressive guy; he runs his own social media accounts and replies to posts by fans despite having over 30K followers on Facebook alone. It’s pretty clear that his passion for music and the scene hasn’t wavered at all.

Feed The Fire starts off with Freedom’s Never Free, a short sharp shock of a song that has some great guitar hooks and is safely in the Biohazard vein. Feel The Fire is a little more poppy and Billy’s voice sounds somewhat strained here as parts of the song seem a little outside his range; it’s still a good song but I can’t help feel that this wold have worked a little better if someone had provided guest vocals or if he’d written this song for another band.

While No Apologies, No Regrets misses the mark, Generation Z is a really catchy song that more than makes up for it. Again Billy Graziadei’s gravelly voice seems a little out of place, with a little reworking this song could be a huge hit for someone.

Sick And Tired is back to Billy’s signature sound and has some killer riffs, as does Sodality. We settle into a Biohazard groove here and the next few tracks Rise And Slay, STFU and Untruth are great songs that remind us why Billy Graziadei has had such a long career.

Enemy is another pop-punk type track before the album finishes with Disaffected World which has good moments but can’t seem to decide if it’s a full blown song or an outro.

I honestly expected Feed The Fire to be awful but it’s a perfect showcase for how talented Billy Graziadei really is. As a solo album this is a solid effort but could have done with maybe a little fine tuning. Even the songs which don’t quite work show that he’s a talented writer and could easily write hits for other bands, which is a huge market right now.  Passionate with some great riffs, Feed The Fire is a must have for Biohazard fans. 8/10

You can buy Feed The Fire from Amazon.