BlackLab Release Warm Death and Black Moon Video

Japanese doom band Blacklab release their first video for songs Warm Death and Black Moon.

Japanese doom band Blacklab

Osaka two piece BlackLab have released their first ever video, which is also probably the first time anyone outside of Japan will get to see the ‘Dark witch, doom duo’ in action. The 2 tracks featured, ‘Warm Death’ and ‘Black Moon, are both taken from their upcoming album ‘Under The Strawberry Moon 2.0’, and the video was directed and edited by Japanese film maker Go Shibata.

Yuko Morino, Blacklab guitarist and vocalist had worked with Go before on his documentary ‘Gui aiueo:s’ where she improvised on heavily distorted guitar for a scene in the film. That improvisation features on their new album as the track ‘Big Muff‘ and is also the starting point for the track, ‘Warm Death‘.

Shibata himself has said ‘” yearn to explore the darker side of things” which he certainly did in his movie Osoi Hito (Late Bloomer) about a wheelchair bound serial killer. However, for BlackLab he’s created something different … but no less atmospheric.

He says, “Warm Death” and “Black Moon”, these two songs will suit the rainy night in Osaka. I expressed a gentle, soft, elastic colourful sound. I think that the scenery of the band is reflected. This is an overnight sketch in a corner of the city of Kansai. So I decided the title as “Osaka Under The Strawberry Moon 2.0”. I think BlackLab, the red full moon in June are perfect.

 Uh, okay! So…you have a heavy, fuzzed up psychedelic experience ahead of you – 16 minutes, with 2 songs linked by framing sequences in the dressing room, in a record shop and around Osaka’s streets. Welcome to the world of BlackLab.

Under The Strawberry Moon 2.0 will land on July 20th and is  available as limited edition Black/Orange vinyl which includes a free CD and download of the whole album. It is also available in regular CD and digital formats. You can pre-order now at Cargo Records.