Blood Youth, Palm Reader, Lotus Eater Live Review

8th March 2019, Boston Music Room, London

Blood Youth

Words and photographs by Rebecca Bush.

It’s a cold rainy Friday night in London, but the mood is buzzing at The Boston Music Room as crowds gather for the sold out final show of the UK leg of Blood Youth‘s current Starve tour.

The venue is small and intimate , and the audience are clearly excited for what’s about to go down It’s a very tangible atmosphere, and its infectious.

Starting proceedings are first support Glasgow based Lotus Eater. Blasting into opener Thug their brand of angry, heavy, filthy, gloom fills the room. Their set is fast and furious and full of energy. These guys mean business and they aren’t letting go. Leaping into the crowd and getting everyone moving is guitarist Craig McCulloch who is pure high energy throughout their 9 song assault of a set. Powering through relentlessly heavy tracks such as Branded, Kin, Dead To Me, The Fear and new single Mother, their energy never falters and they barely take a breath – this band is a force to be reckoned with for sure and a perfect way to start whipping the crowd into a total frenzy.

Next up are Nottingham’s Palm Reader eager to keep the hungry crowd satiated they dive headfirst into their opening track Always Darkest and the room is here for it – they’re in! They are Palm Reader and they have the audience in the palm of their hands. Its another high energy set although shorter, and its delivered excellently and received gladly , this is a good room to be in tonight.

The crowd is more than ready when headliners Blood Youth take the stage. They are clearly pumped and ready to drive this thing home.

Once intro {51/50} fades Kaya Tarsus and co explode into Spineless and they are tight. Hold onto your hats London this is going to be quite a ride! The band are clearly beyond ecstatic to have sold out the venue tonight they are on fire, fuelled by the energy focused on them, every band member is killing it. Fully engaging with the crowd they feed off each other and perform immaculately. Every track from the new album is more than well received , this is a band that has worked hard and their efforts are paying off big time.

Slowing down for just a moment as {stone.tape.theory} plays they break into Keep you Alive, a slower paced track from the album – still high energy and the crowd are very much down. The room is buzzing, this band is more than delivering. Breaking away from Starve with two tracks from 2017 release Beyond RepairMaking waves and Parasite, Kaya then speaks to the crowd and you can feel the love and appreciation. Kaya is clearly blown away – ”This is fucking crazy – 2 years ago we did a headline tour and the average attendance was about 20 people . So this is fucking crazy, thank you so much for coming down because guess what? WE FUCKING SOLD THIS FUCKER OUT!”

Introducing next song Closure from the 2016 EP of the same name, ”This next song goes out to the people that have been with us since the very beginning, I don’t think we’d be stood on this stage without this next song” – as Chris commands everyone to jump and the room is bouncing! It’s another surge of powerful delivery. Kaya takes to the crowd and when he’s delivered back onto stage he’s clearly winded – ”Fuck me – someone punched me in the dick!”. If that’s not intimate fan interaction I don’t know what is! It’s not going to slow him down though and they are straight into Reason To Stay rounding the crowd up into a circle pit as they hammer it out. Ending their immense set with title track Starve and showing exactly why it is they are now selling out venues. I’m exhausted just watching them! There’s a lot of love in the room tonight and these guys have worked HARD! An outstanding performance and a real achievement – a night to remember for sure!


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