Blood Youth release video for new single “Spineless”

Taken from new album Starve.

Blood Youth Dec

Metalcore heavyweights Blood Youth have unleashed another heavy cut from their upcoming sophomore album, “Starve” in the form of blistering new single “Spineless“. The track received its world premiere last night on the Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter.

“Spineless is about not being able to change your fucked up state of mind. No matter what we do or how much we change our appearance, it feels like we all have this inner darkness that eventually creeps back up. You have to accept that this state of mind is your reality and it can stay with you forever,” explains frontman Kaya Tarsus.

This was actually the first song that was written for Starve, it’s one of our favourites and it really defined the sound and mood of what was to come. We shot the video in a workshop with our good friend Zak Pinchin. Like the track, we wanted it all to be very dark, aggressive and claustrophobic. Almost like the setting for a Saw movie. 

Zak has filmed nearly every video we have put out, he knows exactly what we want from our videos and once again we are really stoked with how this one has turned out!”

Check out the “Spineless” video here:

Blood Youth release “Starve” on 22 February 2019 via Rude Records. The new album sees the band at their lyrically and sonically darkest, opening wounds and diving deep into the despair of emotional and physical pain.

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