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Darker, heavier and more mature, Blood Youth are cresting the wave of contemporary metal 9/10

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Hailing from Harrogate, Yorkshire Blood Youth return with their second full length album Starve. Building on the somewhat angsty punk base of their debut release Beyond Repair, the unit have progressed into a heavier and grittier direction. While some may comment on their slight change in direction, these guys are now completely in control and are cresting the wave of the UK live scene. You can check out our live review of Blood Youth from late last year here

Opener {51/50} sets a dark an unsettling tone, somewhat reminiscent of 515 from Slipknot’s Iowa (Sid Wilson (decks and keys)’s cathartic release following the death of his much loved grandfather). But this is with an industrial hip hop leaning, without the pain as yet, which leads into the hard-hitting and cathartic Starve their first single and the track which gave the album its name. Intense and melodic with a wonderful balance of screams and cleans with hints of quality nu-metal grooves this is emotion at its rawest and its contagious.

“Life isn’t always a fairy tale and you can end up trapped in a very unhealthy mindset. “I wrote the lyrics when I was going through a bad time and it felt like I was in a nightmare. It’s a very intense and emotional song, so we really wanted all of this to come out in the video. We wanted people to feel uncomfortable, almost as if they are watching a horror movie.”explains frontman Kaya Tarsus.

Cut Me Open drops the tempo, but certainly not the ferocity in a funky fuck you of track with an anthemic feelgood chorus. Spineless is almost an ode to anxiety, with the intensity of early  Slipknot but the freshness of a spring morning. Blood Youth are truly honing their craft and it is impressive.

“Spineless is about not being able to change your fucked up state of mind. No matter what we do or how much we change our appearance, it feels like we all have this inner darkness that eventually creeps back up. You have to accept that this state of mind is your reality and it can stay with you forever,”  Tarsus.

The thunderous bass riff that commences Nerve, with its accompanying distorted vocal and crashing percussion is a triumph of a track which like The Answer echoes the positives of past greats but with a modern and individual spin. In Waste Away depression is tackled with dynamic tension, with a gentle fade out into the isolation and disconcerting breakdown of an interlude that is {stone.tape.theory}.

Visitant is a full on high-octane aggressive recovery, with euphoric uplift and ferocious blast beats. Keep You Alive despite the title, is portentously dark and heavy and demonstrates a maturity which is both dramatic and monumental.
Tarsus explains the inspiration behind the song:

“At some point in our lives we will all go through something traumatic. It will change us and stays with us forever. Life is full of heartbreak, death and loss. Events that we have never been taught how to deal with, but we all have to face at some point. I’ve found that the longer we think and dwell on trauma, the longer we keep it alive within us”.

Nothing Left, is resilient and angry, but fades in comparison to the brief but intense Hate which will leave you breathless. Exhale slowly burns as the touch paper accelerates towards the main detonation. The track is thick with volatility and danger in an intense slower paced sludgy groove. Learning to breathe again after such an emotional rollercoaster, with its fade out into a droning white noise, with faint gasps, whimpers and sobs. Which neatly circles back in to the eternal wheel as we return to {51/50}.
Darker, heavier and more mature, Blood Youth are cresting the wave of contemporary metal

Starve was released February 22nd and is available here

Blood Youth Starve


1. {51/50}
2. Starve
3. Cut Me Open
4. Spineless
5. Nerve
6. The Answer
7. Waste Away
8. {stone.tape.theory}
9. Visitant
10. Keep You Alive
11. Nothing Left
12. Hate
13. Exhale

Blood Youth will head out on their biggest UK/EU headline tour to date in March 2019. Check out the UK/EU dates below:

01.03 Southampton, Joiners
02.03 Leeds, The Key Club
03.03 Glasgow, Audio
04.04 Newcastle, Think Tank
06.03 Manchester, Star & Garter
07.03 Birmingham, Mama Roux’s
08.03 London, Underworld
11.03 Kavka, Antwerp (BE)
12.03 Dynamo, Eindhove (NL)
13.03 Headcrash, Hamburg (DE)
14.04 MTC, Cologne (DE)
16.03 Beta, Copenhagen (DK)
17.03 Musik & Frieden, Berlin (DE)
18.03 Chmury, Warsaw (PL)
19.03 Chapeau Rouge, Prague (CZ)
20.03 Naumanns, Leipzig (DE)
22.03 Feierwerk, Munich (DE)
23.03 Robot, Budapest (HU)
24.03 Arena, Vienna (AT)
26.03 Hafenkneipe, Zurich (CH)
27.03 Legend Club, Milan (IT)
29.03 Sala Vol, Barcelona (ES)
30.03 Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)

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