Bloody Hammers Release ‘Far Beyond The Grave’

New Album The Summoning Out On June 28th

Bloody Hammers band photo. The band consists of two members, a man and a woman both in Victorian style gothic clothing. She has long black hair with white or pale strips at the front, she has narrow pointed eyebrows and dark red lipstick. She wears a black lace collar and a black leather corset over a velvet dress. He wears a top hat over his long bleached blonde hair. He has a long beard which matches the colour of his hair and light makeup that darkens his eyes and at the sides of his face to make him look dead. He wears a long black coat.

Transylvania County based goth metal duo Bloody Hammers have released a video for Far Beyond The Grave from their upcoming album The Summoning.  The video is an homage to classic vintage silent horror movies.

Anders Manga of Bloody Hammers said of the video and the song:

“The video is obviously a homage to F.W. Murnau and his early horror work in the silent film era. We had a great time making the video. The song, in a horror rock way, is a narrative from the perspective of a ghost who wants to return to his love on earth. I have so many favourites from the new album, but this is one of those straight forward hard rock tracks that I hope to see people blasting by the pool this summer…  while covered in goth strength sunblock of course.”

The U.S. duo has prepared a wonderfully creepy horror musical experience that pays homage to classic flicks such as Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (1974) and Now The Screaming Starts (1973) by creating a dark  story around the movie titles. The band’s idea of a soundtrack for your favourite video nasties holds some surprises on their upcoming record.

The Summoning is out on June 26th.

The Summoning track listing:

  1. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
  2. Now the Screaming Starts
  3. The Summoning
  4. Fire In The Dark
  5. The Beast Is Coming Out
  6. Welcome to Darkness
  7. Tales That Witness Madness
  8. Condemned, The Prisoner
  9. From Beyond The Grave
  10. Unbreakable

The Summoning will be available in the following formats:

  • 4 page Digipack
  • 1 LP Gatefold
  • 2LP Gatefold (purple) – Napalm Records mailorder exclusive, strictly limited to 200 units
  • Digital Album

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