Breaking Benjamin release video for Far Away

New video accompanies new album Aurora and kick off US headline tour with Korn

Breaking Benjamin Aurora album cover

Today, BREAKING BENJAMIN released Aurora, a collection of reimagined versions of the band’s biggest and most popular songs and one new song, “Far Away”  featuring Scooter Ward from Cold, the video for which also released today and was directed by the band’s longtime director/collaborator, Kyle Cogan.


Aurora also includes special guests Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf), Michael Barnes (RED) and Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath), to name a few.

Speaking about Aurora, BREAKING BENJAMIN’s founder/front man, Ben Burnley, had this to say about the album, “Aurora is a collection of some of our fan’s favorite songs as well as ours – we wanted to take songs that mean something important to them and re-imagine them with new life,” and to their vast fanbase Burnley had this to say, “We hope Aurora brings you nostalgia from when you first felt something listening to our music, in a new way. Whether it was a tenebrous or a bright time in your life, we hope you look back at that point in your life and realize you made it through. Thank you for joining us on the road to Aurora, we have a long way to go.”

The full track-listing is below but highlights include “Far Away,” “Dear Agony,” which recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary, as well as “So Cold” and “Red Cold River,” both of which were #1 rock radio hits.

Following their hugely successful North American 2019 tour with Chevelle and Dorothy, BREAKING BENJAMIN returned to the road last night, kicking off their highly anticipated co-headline arena tour with KORN which includes stops in Columbus, Green Bay, Portland and more before wrapping March 1st.


  1. So Cold (Aurora Version)
  2. Failure featuring Michael Barnes of Red (Aurora Version)
  3. Far Away featuring Scooter Ward of Cold
  4. Angels Fall (Aurora Version)
  5. Red Cold River featuring Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath (Aurora Version)
  6. Tourniquet (Aurora Version)
  7. Dance with the Devil featuring Adam Gontier (Aurora Version)
  8. Never Again (Aurora Version)
  9. Torn In Two (Aurora Version)
  10. Dear Agony featuring Lacey Sturm (Aurora Version)

LACEY STURM (ex-Flyleaf): “I love the mystical kind of lyrics that a thousand different people can sing and each person feels like it was written just for them and what they are going through. This is the magic of Breaking Benjamin songs that I love. Ben asked me to sing on this acoustic version of Dear Agony at a time when singing the lyrics sliced through me in a deeply prophetic way. It was a revelatory and healing experience. I’m so thankful.”

SCOOTER WARD (Cold): “I’m very honoured and blessed to be a part of such a beautiful song and project. Ben’s writing has had a special place in our hearts for many years. Thankful to be a part of this.”

ADAM GOTIER (ex-Three Days Grace): “Ben asked me to be a part of this record, and of course I said yes. We’ve been close friends for over 20 years, and Breaking Benjamin has been a big influence on me over the years. I’m REALLY stoked that Ben and I have finally found a way to get our voices on a track together.  Also, Dance With The Devil is one of my favourite songs by anyone. Ever.”

SPENCER CHAMBERLAIN (Underoath):  Touring with Breaking Benjamin was not only one of my favourite tours we’ve done in years but we also left the tour with lifelong friends. Being asked to sing on “Red Cold River” was very flattering and a complete honour. I love these guys as musicians and as people, I’m honoured to be a small part of their journey.”

MICHAEL BARNES (RED): “I was honoured to be a part of Breaking Ben’s new acoustic record along-side so many other amazing singers – can’t wait to hear the whole thing!”