Breathe Atlantis – Soulmade review

Glossy, anthemic, inoffensive alt-pop-emo-rock 6.5/10Breathe Atlantis Nov

Soulmade is the third album release by Gemany’s alternative rockers Breathe Atlantis, following on from the metal tinged Shorelines (2014) and their more contemporary Futurestories (2016). Their maturing style has been enhanced with excellent production, Soulmade was created in collaboration with producer Dan Korneff (Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach) and it shows. Still referred to as newcomers, this does sound box fresh. It’s rock, but with a modern glossiness that has smoothed out the rawness and left the band with an easily accessible poppier vibe. Upbeat, inoffensive and catchy with electronic elements, this could appear on the soundtrack to any teen flick or high school based drama and would stand out to the viewer.

Vocalist Nico Schiesewitz is reported to have stated

“for us the most important thing was to not push our songs into any certain direction, but let them come to maturity as naturally as possible. On this record we bound ourselves less to any unyielding ideas, but rather put a focus on the quality of each track. This time there was only one thing we were strictly bound to – emotion!“

Apparently the eleven tracks selected were whittled down from a total of thirty, to reveal only potential singles. Praise be to the almighty e-currency of the day.

The album commences with first single My Supernova which is a sweet but feisty emo-pop track with a melancholy edge and Nico describes this as

“For me it was important to approach this project more deeply, and in a more personal fashion – to just be more honest. The lyrics have 100% come straight out of my soul, showing the spiritual abyss hiding within.”

Second track Cold was the second track to be released, is there a pattern forming here?  Starting out as a rock ballad enhanced with piano this track is devoid of any electronica and it is a very strong number, it feels honest. From the soul. Soulmade. Nico describes it thus

“Basically the song is about losing your feelings for someone whilst trying to be a better person. Sometimes in a relationship it feels like there’s an imbalance. So you try to give as much as the other person no matter what. But trying this – the actual feeling sometimes gets lost.”

Don’t Need You Now despite commencing with an acoustic guitar, gives us a track that is closer to the roots of the band. It’s an up-tempo, rousing, arena pleaser.  Fall despite its electronica based introduction, follows a proggier rock direction and is again is sure to have an incredible impact live.

Spirit is beyond a doubt one of the poppier offerings, with hints of 90’s boybands crossed with nu-metal. I’m not sure how to feel about it, but it is incredibly catchy. Disturbingly so! Similarly I Think It Isn’t Fair unfortunately made me immediately think of a certain Irish 90’s boyband. I think it may be the emotional inflection in Nico’s wonderful vocals, the track is based on the tragic loss of a friend in 2017 and  “stands as a last clarifying dialogue, which I wasn’t able to have.“ It’s a masterful ballad with rockier elements. The title track Soulmade is a groovy, rhythm driven affair with hints of falsetto vocals and some great guitar effects.

Savage brings us back into a rockier domain with anthemic feels, while At Night calms and soothes the proceedings dropping the tempo somewhat but there is plenty of power in the chorus.

Addiction To The Worst continues the slower tempo emotive proceedings before closing with the epic Everyone Else.

The October release of Breathe Atlantis’s cover of the Snow Patrol track Chasing Cars is somewhat indicative of the direction in which this body of work was to progress. This is glossy, uplifing and inoffensive alt-pop-emo-rock and makes for pleasant listening.

Breathe Atlantis Soulmade


  1. My Supernova
  2. Cold
  3. Don’t Need You Now
  4. Fall
  5. Spirit
  6. I Think It Isn’t Fair
  7. Soulmade
  8. Savage
  9. At Night
  10. Addiction To The Worst
  11. Everyone Else

Soulmade will be released January 25 and can be ordered here

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