Cardinal Copia – I Want To Be An Actor

Ghost’s frontman Cardinal Copia says he would love to be an actor.

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Note: we refer to Ghost’s frontman by his stage name, see this article for the reason why.

Ghost‘s enigmatic frontman Cardinal Copia has given an interview with Moose Morning where he talks about how he’s always wanted to be an actor.

On the influences of his on stage persona:

It’s a mixture between Dracula and Chief Inspector Clouseau. Sort of a strong, somewhat charming, but still sort of pathetic man, with slightly more bark than bite.

The conversation talks to acting and Copia talks about his desire to be involved in movies, which is no surprise considering his love of movies, especially horror movies.

I have wanted to become an actor for my whole life, actually. I’ve always been very, very interested in cinema. I’ve always been interested in the idea of working with cinema and the acting is one aspect of it that I’m interested in.

If I had the time, if I had the money, and the resources and the ability, I would definitely explore making films. And if I was making films, or series or whatever – anything that has motion picture – I would definitely entertain the idea of maybe playing roles, to a degree, myself.

I would love to do acting. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be like big films with big starring things. Watching a lot of cinema and watching a lot of films and series, from a wanting-to-become-an-actor point of view, there’s often times when I see characters in films where I feel like, “I wanted to play that person.”

Copia has previously expressed an interest in developing Ghost into a stage production and with his wealth of knowledge when it comes to movies, it would be a fairly obvious guess that he’d love to make his own movies. The Cardinal is also friendly with Rob Zombie, someone else who had a deep interest in film making who made the jump from rock music to movie writing and directing.

You can listen to the full interview here, which refers to Cardinal Copia by his real name.

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