Check Out All 39 Seconds Of Volbeat’s New Song Parasite

Volbeat release short song Parasite

Volbeat band colour photo. The band are casually stood in front of a white wall with their thumbs or hands in their pockets.

Volbeat have released a new 39 second long song called Parasite which you can listen to on your digital streaming service of choice, or you can check out the lyric video below.

In case you missed them, here are Parasite‘s lyrics

Hey it’s back again now get it off my skin
It’s back again now get it off my skin
Make it go away

Go, go, go all the way up to the fucking moon
Yeah all the way up to the fucking moon
Make it go away

Cause you’re just one little parasite who don’t know your time is up
It’s hammer time today

Volbeat are currently wrapping up Canadian dates with Godsmack, then from July to September they traverse North America as part of the Knotfest Roadshow, joining Slipknot, Gojira, and Behemoth. For all tour dates, take a look at: or

Last year, VOLBEAT became the first Danish band to sell out their hometown venue, Denmark’s Telia Parken, setting the record for the biggest show by a domestic artist in Denmark ever with over 48,250 people in attendance. The band released a special live album and concert film from that legendary night, titled Let’s Boogie! Live From Telia Parken, complete with a number of guest appearances, including the likes of Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Danko Jones, and Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway (Napalm Death).

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