Chrome Division – One Last Ride review

Get your motor runnin’ and ride out in style 8.5/10Chrome Division

Norwegian biker rock champions Chrome Division, led by Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir release their fifth album November 16. Having just celebrated their fifteenth anniversary, sadly, One Last Ride is to be their swan song. But fear not, there are treats in store for fans in the form of the return of Eddie Guz who left in 2009 and was the vocalist for their first two albums

We had this collection of songs for quite a long period of time, but Shady Blue, our previous singer, decided to part ways and for a time we weren’t sure what to do – should we continue or not? Eddie was very eager to get back and he started to write lyrics for the new album. And the concept of the album is about burying the project after 5 records.”

Another surprise is the addition of pop singer Miss Selia who adds a new dimension in the duet Walk Away in Shame and backing vocals elsewhere. Don’t worry, the levels of testosterone and debauchery have not dropped, this is a concept album of sorts, but there isn’t an alien or a pinball wizard in sight. This is an ode to bikes, birds and boozing. The Doomsday Riders return.

This is a great final show, if you’re a fan of good time, feelgood, party music in an 80’s metal style and you’re looking for music to have a blast to, this could be it! Liquor soaked, gruff vocals with fierce guitars and a crushing rhythm section it has the power of Rob Zombie crossed with a darker ZZ Top. Perhaps the bastard child of Motorhead and Motley Crue! The band have stated

“Chrome Division’s music is about living in the moment and being spontaneous and we don’t think too much about our songs – if we like them, we use them!”

Return From The Wastelands commences the opus with mariachi style flamenco guitar and an spoken word spaghetti western style introduction to our tale.

So Fragile opens the album with the first true song, and it is a blinder. Dirty, bluesy and sleazy this is an ode to a young lady and her ‘charms’. It’s aggressive, upbeat and succeeds in adding an album worth of cowbell into one track!

Walk Away In Shame is a completely different approach for Chrome Division, featuring Miss Selia it further enhances and consolidates the track. More Cher in Dead Ringer for Love than Beyonce, its sassy, with excellent guitar work and a catchy chorus. Back In Town is somewhat heavier, a great track to get ready for a night on the tiles. Don’t drink and ride guys. The tempo slows somewhat for the super sleazy grooves of You Are Dead To Me a depiction of a nasty break up which leaves you empowered and justified. The Call, a shrug and its time to move on and head out with the boys: ‘set me free tonight’, you can’t deny the call. Now we’re out, partying hard ‘I’m On Fire Tonight’ is balls to the wall rock ‘n roll and having a great time. Slower heavy blues riffs bring us nearer to last orders, but we’re Staying Until The End and the tempo picks up with developing interest in a new ‘friend’ and This One Is Wild. The guitars rev and we’re up for One Last Ride a remorseless, heavy rock reminisce about the past, delivered as a live performance, crediting the fans for their support and saluting former members (a less aggressive Get In The Ring?) This is our story, Now its told. We Drink opens with a doomy hangover which speeds into a buddy anthem and a celebration of boozing and buddies. Our adventure closes with the melancholy Towards The Unknown as the Doomsday Riders return to the wasteland, in a movie credit epic style.

I’m sad to see them leave, but they have left such joy in their wake. Happy hangovers.

Chrome Divison One Last Ride


  1. Return From The Wastelands
  2. So Fragile
  3. Walk Away In Shame
  4. Back In Town
  5. You Are Dead To Me
  6. The Call
  7. I’m On Fire Tonight
  8. Staying Until The End
  9. This One Is Wild
  10. One Last Ride
  11. We Drink
  12. Towards The Unknown

The special edition of the album will also contain a Spanish version of their seventh track on this release ‘I’m On Fire Tonight’ titled Esta Noche Va A Quemar’. Shagrath stated, that although EddieGuz is from Chile, they truly wanted to thank their large following of South American fans and show them appreciation.

One Last Ride is out now and available here

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