Cro-Mags Release EP And Confirm European Tour

Three track EP Don’t Give In coincides with European tour announcement

Colour photo of Harley Flanagan of Cro-Mags. He is sitting on a roof with a city behind him. The necks and head of two bass guitars are visible, propped up next to him. He is topless and sitting slightly hunched forwards, covered in tattoos. He has short cropped hair and his face is somewhat scrunched up as if the sun is too bright. He looks intense and weathered.
(c) Fernando Godoy

New York hardcore legends Cro-Mags are back and have freshly signed a Europe-wide record deal with Arising Empire. Fresh off that deal, Cro-Mags have released a brand new EP Don’t Give In via all digital platforms, and have also launched pre-orders for the EP in limited edition 7″  vinyl format, which will be available in three colour variations from August 2nd.

01. Don’t Give In
02. Drag You Under
03. No One’s Victim

Harley said of the EP,

“The lyrics are meant to inspire and kick you in the ass when you need it. Some might not take them that way, but that’s my intention. Sometimes you need someone to tell you to man-the-fuck-up, or woman-up, cause life ain’t easy and you will get crushed if you don’t. I wrote them more for myself than anyone else, cause sometimes I need to hear these things, as I think we all do.”

“Some of them were inspired by loss, the loss of friends, by suicide, cancer, struggling with depression, mortality and ultimately the beauty of life. You have to be able to recognise it, even when you’re suffering and struggling. Although we all fight our own personal battles, and they vary, none of us are alone in the fact that we have to fight our battles, and many of them we must fight alone. In that way, we all have something in common, besides needing basic things like food water and shelter. We also must learn how to cope with struggle and mortality. Some rise to the top while others crash and burn.”

“I feel like I crashed and burned enough times that I somehow managed to rise back to the top. I feel stronger, happier mentally, spiritually and physically than I have in years; and it did not come without a struggle or cost. But that is life; you have to fight for what you want, and you also have to know how temporary it all is.”

Cro-Mags will also return to Europe in September and October.

CRO-MAGS Best Wishes, 30th Anniversary-Tour
w/ special guest RED DEATH
27.09. Essen, Germany @ Turock
28.09. Limburg, Belgium @ Limburg Hardcore Fest
29.09. London, United Kingdom @ The Underworld  
30.09. Paris, France @ Gibus
01.10. Stuttgart, Germany @ De Keller Klub
02.10. Prague, Czech Rep @ Futurum
03.10. Budapest, Hungary @ Hu Dürer Kert
04.10. Graz, Austria @ Explosiv
05.10. Leipzig, Germany @ Naumanns
06.10. Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden

Regarding the  Cro-Mags name, Harley gave details on the ownership:

Lemmy came to me in a dream and said, ‘Take it back mate, it’s yours, you started it.’ The fact is, I never legally lost the name Cro-Mags, others were using it without my permission, while I was raising my kids. An agreement was struck with the previous members and I regained full control over the name worldwide. Now with an amazing line-up and two record deals I am moving forward. I have a great team of people behind me; I have never felt stronger, better or more creative.”

Harley Flanagan has reached a settlement with singer John Joseph and drummer Mackie Jayson regarding ownership of the Cro-mags name. Flanagan will now perform under the name Cro-Mags while Joseph and Jayson will perform as Cro-Mags JM.

Don’t Give In is available to buy now on Amazon for only £2.49.  The limited vinyls can be preordered via Nuclear Blast’s store for 9.99 Euros each.

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