Currents – I Let The Devil In review

Clever, well executed and empowering metalcore 7.5/10


Hailing from Connecticut, Currents have released a brand-new EP I Let The Devil In to follow their 2017 album The Place I Feel Safest which introduced vocalist Brian Wille. Forming in 2011 the band has gone through a few lineup changes (or evolution) to metamorphose into the Currents we have today, which is a powerhouse and seem to demonstrate the innate synchronicity and harmony needed as a true band.

Into Despair, the first single release opens this offering. Starting gently with haunting twin guitars before breaking into a bombast of enthusiastically aggressive melodic metalcore which is both totally in your face with moments of introspective melancholy in a rollercoaster of frustration and fighting spirit. Singer Brian Wille has stated that ‘Into Despair’ is about the moment you fall back into old, destructive habits. We’ve all experienced the shame of being back in a place we thought we left a long time ago, and we wanted to really capture that feeling and put it into a song. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like I said exactly what I needed to say, and so I’m proud to present ‘Into Despair’ to all of you.” 

 My Disguise demonstrates the versatility of Currents with a magnificently subtle guitar solo while the percussion batters and the vocals alternate between an all out aural assault and soothing lulls. In my head I rewind, falling away from my disguise. To Feel Empty slows the pace, but not the battery in an anthemic and emotive track which allows you to take a breather and tremble at the power delivered. We fall, we fail, we hate. We bend, we burn, we break. But I still feel the same is screamed over the melody in desperation alternating with and complementing the clean verses. The tempo increases for The Rope, a dark anthem punctured with guitar stabs I turn and walk away cause I can’t look you in the face without reaching for the rope. If it were wrapped around my neck, you’d just sit back and watch me choke.

Forever Marked is the second release and the track is about the separation and degradation of society through human error & conflict. It’s passionate and captures well the aggression, urgency and violence Currents wanted to convey dynamically with its balance of screams and cleans.

These tracks have apparently been in development for several years and Currents have chosen to release an EP to test their strengths and limits and have requested feedback as it could potentially shape their future music. As admirable as this is, it saddens me that they may be lacing in the confidence and conviction in this current release. It’s clever, well executed and empowering metalcore and will transpose brilliantly live.

Currents I Let the Devil inTracklist:

  1. Into Despair
  2. My Disguise
  3. To Feel Empty
  4. The Rope
  5. Forever Marked

I Let The Devil in by Currents is out now and can be downloaded here

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