Dee Snider Video For New Single Become The Storm

For the Love of Metal album due from Dee Snider on July 27th

Dee Snider For the Love of Metal Solo Album

With new album For the Love of Metal being released on July 27th through Napalm Records, Dee Snider has released a single and video for the song Become the Storm. The album is somewhat heavier than Snider’s other bands Twisted Sister and Widowmaker but will still be loved by fans thanks to its anthemic feel and his easily recognisable voice. You can listen to the single below and previous single Tomorrow’s No Concern.

While being interviewed on New Jersey radio station 90.3 WMSC-FM Snider claimed that there had been a bidding war from all major metal labels for the album because of how well it turned out. For the Love of Metal was produced by Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta and features appearances by Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Mark Morton (Lamb of God), Howard Jones (Ex-Killswitch Engage), Charlie Bellmore (Kingdom of Sorrow) and from Toxic Holocaust, Joel Grind and Nick Bellmore.

The album came about when Dee Snider appeared on Jamey Jasta’s podcast and Jasta challenged him to record a contemporary metal album.  Jasta considers Snider to be one of the best metal vocalists of all time, alongside Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford (Judas Priest).

Snider’s last album was 2016’s We Are the Ones which included an acoustic version of Twisted Sister classic We’re Not Gonna Take It which was released as a single to raise awareness for the charity HELP.

For The Love Of Metal track listing:

01. Lies Are A Business
02. Tomorrow’s No Concern
03. I Am The Hurricane
04. American Made
05. Roll Over You
06. I’m Ready
07. Running Mazes
08. Mask
09. Become The Storm
10. The Hardest Way
11. Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy)
12. For The Love Of Metal

Previous single Tomorrow’s No Concern was released on June 3rd