Now There’s An All Dog Metal Band

The Bubbas are the first band where all the members are dogs.

Bubbas all dog metal band

YouTube user Alan Rigdon has uploaded a video of the new metal band started by his dogs, saying:

My dogs started a band while I was at work one day. They’re called “The Bubbas”. Meet the band: Frankus// Vocals Kathy// Guitar Hattee Lew// Bass Goose// Drums If you enjoy their debut track, it’s available to download on iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon, and Spotify.”

After some keen journalism by our crack team at The Metal Report, we’re fairly sure that the dogs aren’t really playing the instruments but it makes for great watching.

This isn’t the first dogs/metal crossover, the first being Pug Destroyer:

Yes, it’s a slow news day.

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