Entombed AD – Bowels Of Earth review

Tighter, heavier and euphoric. Death metal to party to! 9.5/10Band Press Photo, Metal, Black Background, Band Members

Formed from the still smouldering ashes of Entombed, Entombed A.D arose in 2014 and released their debut Back to the Front to announce their re-arrival on the death metal scene.

Formed by former Entombed members LG Petrov (vocals), Victor Brandt (bass), Nico Elgstrand (guitar) and Olle Dahlstedt (drums) their third release is their first to introduce live guitarist Guilherme Miranda (Krow) who has been touring since 2015 but is now an official band member

“We have our Brazilian friend, Guilherme, coming into the band on guitar and” laughs LG. “We’ve been getting energy from that. This recording was a lot more focused and straightforward. We kept things simple, but still with thought behind everything. And there was absolutely no stress! We recorded the drums in one studio and the rest was recorded in a little tiny place. I wouldn’t even call it a studio, it was just recording devices and drums and amps, but it really worked. You don’t have to go these big studios for three months anymore. So we spent four months in a little studio instead!”

Petrov should know, this being the second ear-blistering album on which he’s sang released this summer alone! With Victor Brandt (on guitar) the Scandi-death-supergroup Firespawn released the impressive Abominate in June 2019.

But back to Entombed A.D., pioneers of the buzzsaw guitar tone and the death ‘n roll genre and they do not disappoint

“We tried to focus a lot on the guitar sound, to make it new and exciting but still that old school, back-in-the-day, HM-2 distortion vibe. So it’s back to the roots, but new flowers are arriving! But it’s more death metal than anything else. People can call us whatever they like. Everybody has their own interpretation of music and lyrics and that’s cool! We prefer to just call it music.”

Bloody great music, death metal that makes you smile and want to sink beers with your mates. Party death ‘’n roll.

“We released Back To The Front and that was a great album. Then we made Dead Dawn and now we’ve come to the point where we’ve sound our comfort zone, we’ve found our own sound, and we’re just taking time to sort everything out and get it right. Now we have a great sound and a good foundation for the future. Everything feels really good right now. The new album is called “Bowels Of Earth” it’s death metal – simple and straightforward!”

Opening with the aggressive but uplifting Torment Remains a speedy, groovy riff-laden beast that breaks down in a gloriously dark fashion. Check it out here


The energy and invigoration continues into the latest single release Elimination a mid paced melodic stomper with a sublimely thrashy feel and an epic guitar solo. Heavy, old school death and roll with a video which demonstrates the great humour of the band. Is it the weekend yet?



Hell Is My Home ups the tempo in an aggressive, swaggering track designed to be blasted. Rhythmical, engaging and damn good fun, complete with gang vocals this is bound to be a blast live!

The beautifully delicate and melancholic Bowels Of Earth opens with piano and strings before the blast beats and pummeling riffery combines with the thunderously gravelly vocals of Petrov. An unexpected start combines with an avalanche of melodic and crushing euphoria devastating all in its path.

The feelgood factor goes up to eleven for sludgy, Motorhead tinged Bourbon Nightmare.Bluesy, sleazy deth and roll reveries transform into the breakneck thrash exhilaration of Fit For A King. The rampaging Worlds Apart has echoes of vintage Entombed but with an added AD. Engaging, gripping and banging the ferocity continues for the behemoth that is Through The Eyes Of Gods.  Dark, doomy and inhuman, this track is mercilessly heavy. I’ll Never Get Out This World Alive is a dangerous earworm. Savage and mind flaying yet wholly captivating. Just try to keep your head still o this ride! Closing with the doomy down tuned, disturbingly atmospheric epic To Eternal Night. Over five minutes of harrowingly pained vocals, straight from the bowels of a Bourbon Nightmare of hell, subtly accessorized with a darkly creeping melody and rapturous guitar work to darkly hypnotise.

Entombed AD bring the party with both nods to the past and a pummeling sonic attack progressing into the future. Tight, fast, melodic and disturbing fun. Live this will blow your socks off!

Bowels of Earth is  available as: Ltd. CD Digipak & Patch, Gatefold Black 2LP+CD & Poster, Digital album and can be ordered here


“Bowels Of Earth”:

  1. Torment Remains
  2. Elimination
  3. Hell Is My Home
  4. Bowels Of Earth
  5. Bourbon Nightmare
  6. Fit For A King
  7. Worlds Apart
  8. Through The Eyes Of Gods
  9. I’ll Never Get Out This World Alive
  10. To Eternal Night


Hell Over Europe III tour with label mates Aborted & Baest

18/10/2019 UK London – The Dome
19/10/2019 DE Paderborn – Metal Inferno Festival
20/10/2019 DE Leipzig – Taubchentall
21/10/2019 CZ Prague – Futurum
22/10/2019 SK Bratislava – Randal club
23/10/2019 PL Warschau – Proxima
24/10/2019 LT Vilnius – Kablys
25/10/2019 LV Riga – Melna Piektdiena
26/10/2019 EE Talinn – Tapper
27/10/2019 FI Helsinki – On The Rocks
29/10/2019 SE Stockholm – Slykhust
30/10/2019 SE Gothenburg – Pustervik
31/10/2019 NO Oslo – Jon Dee
01/11/2019 DK Copenhagen – Vega
02/11/2019 DE Kassel – Goldgrube
03/11/2019 DE Mannheim – MS Complex
04/11/2019 IT Milano – Legend club
06/11/2019 ES Murcia – Garaje
07/11/2019 ES Malaga – Paris15
09/11/2019 ES Bilbao – Stage Live
10/11/2019 FR Toulouse – Metronum
11/11/2019 FR Niort – Camji
12/11/2019 FR Rennes – Ubu
13/11/2019 FR Savigny Le Temple – L’Empreinte
14/11/2019 BE Antwerp – Zappa
15/11/2019 NL Haarlem – Patronaat
16/11/2019 NL Sittard – Volt
17/11/2019 DE Hamburg – Kulturpalast

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