Epica Vs Attack on Titan Review

Epica’s cover EP of Attack on Titan themes finally sees release outside Japan but is it worth the wait? 6/10

Epica vs Attack on Titan

Epica Vs Attack on Titan Review

It’s a little odd to think of a Dutch band releasing an album exclusively in Japan but last year that’s what Epica did with their Epica vs Attack on Titan EP. If you’re not familiar with Attack on Titan, it’s a rather gruesome anime where humanity has been almost wiped out by human eating giants, known as Titans. What’s left of humanity has built a city with huge walls that keep the titans out until one day a larger than normal titan peers over the top of the wall before smashing through it. The unique premise of the anime, coupled with perceived political commentary and its powerful soundtrack propelled the series to international success and spawned two live action films.

While the series’ theme immediately got covered by the “song x in the style of metal” YouTube channels, it was only a matter of time until someone officially tackled the frantic symphonic anthem and that someone was symphonic metallers Epica.  The EP features eight tracks, four which have lyrics and four which are the instrumental versions of those songs so while you may think eight tracks is a full album, it’s definitely an EP. There’s another catch – with each series, Attack on Titan changes its theme while remaining stylistically similar and so three of the four songs here are the series openers, meaning you get three songs which sound very similar and the nearly-a-ballad If Inside These Walls Were a House.

In order we have Crimson Bow and Arrow which is the first series theme, and the best known version.  Wings of Freedom is the second series opening theme, If Inside These Walls Was a House, then finally series 3’s Dedicate Your Heart! Those who are familiar with AoT know that the Japanese lyrics are complete nonsense when translated into English (think South Park‘s Let’s Fighting Love from the anime episode) so Epica have rewritten all the lyrics to make sense and to flow properly in English. The band are clearly dedicated fans of the source material and this was clearly a labour of love for them; it’s a great tribute to the series but one that is probably going to be lost on anyone who isn’t an AoT fan, though it’ll no doubt keep Epica fans happy while waiting for a brand new album.

3 out of 5 Colossal Titans (Revised to 6/10)