Five Things You Need to Know About The Great Discord

5 quick facts about Sweden’s The Great Discord

The Great Discord

Sweden’s The Great Discord are the subject of this list, if you haven’t heard of them then here’s 5 things you need to know!

5. The band was formed over a mutual love of Cannibal Corpse and Genesis. 

The Great Discord have a very odd mix of tastes which include prog bands like Genesis all the way through to Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan which is reflected in their music. Singer Fia Kempe met drummer Aksel Holmgren at a party and bonded over their mutual love of Cannibal Corpse although it took them years to actually work on writing songs together.

4. The Rabbits!

Last year they released their second album The Rabbit Hole which has led to the band’s fans being called Little Rabbits. While some thought that the album title was in reference to Alice in Wonderland, the album is actually an emotional journey and confronting inner demons.  The Rabbit Hole smashed year end reviews on independent music websites and won in all music categories on our sister site Gear4Geeks.

3. That Priest rumor

Fia Kempe has worked with a number of Swedish bands including Ghost, MCC (Magna Carta Cartel), Dead Soul and others but for a while was rumoured to also be the front person of masked Swedish dark electro industrial outfit Priest. While the front person of Priest seems to be very much male, the vocals have effects applied to them which seem to include having the pitch changed. One Reddit user slowed down a Great Discord song and the vocals were very similar. While TGD playfully refused to confirm or deny the rumours and Priest never acknowledged them, we’re pretty sure that they are two separate people.

2. The Ghost thing

If the band seem familiar or Fia Kempe’s name rings a bell then it’s probably because the two bands have a number of connections:

  1. Both bands are from Linkoping in Sweden, although Ghost are now located in Stockholm.
  2. Aksel Holmgren was one of the Nameless Ghouls in Ghost during the Infestissumam era.
  3. Fia Kempe has performed backing vocals for Ghost on the Popestar EP.
  4. The Great Discord have toured with Ghost including the huge Stockholm show where Kempe joined Ghost on stage to perform the song Bible; the only time Ghost have played the song live.

1. Grammis

Both Kempe and Holmgren have been a part of Grammi (The Swedish version of The Grammy Awards) winning efforts with Ghost. Ghost won the Grammi for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album for Infestissumam in 2014 which Aksel played drums on and won again in 2017 for Popestar which Fia sung on. Can they win a Grammi together for the first time this year for The Rabbit Hole or will Ghost continue their winning streak with latest album Prequelle?