Ghost Continue to Dominate Mainstream Rock Chart

Rats sets new record for seven weeks at number one.


Whether you love or hate the new direction, Ghost are unquestionably on a high as they keep breaking records as today Rats is again number 1 in the Mainstream Rock Chart for it’s seventh week. This means that Rats has now become the longest number 1 in the Mainstream Rock Chart for 2018.

Rats was released on April 13th and has spent 18 weeks in the Mainstream Rock Chart, without a doubt Ghost‘s most successful single. The album Prequelle went straight into the US main album charts at number 3 while hitting number 1 in Sweden and Norway on its release on June 1st.

From the Ultimate Guide to Prequelle:

The first song confirmed for the album was Rats. While it would appear that the song was quite literal in being about the rodents that spread the Plague, the song is in fact more of a metaphor for how something would spread, whether it be a disease, panic, information, ideas or religion.  When pressed on the subject, Ghost have admitted that the song is about trial by social media and how in the wake of the lawsuit being announced, the man behind Ghost was judged by many fans and demonised.

The success of Prequelle follows a turbulent period for the band which has seen former band members reveal their identities and file a law suit against Ghost front man Cardinal Copia. The lawsuit has also resulted in Ghost‘s front man/founder/songwriter losing his anonymity and giving interviews using his real name.

Since the release of Prequelle, Ghost have played gigs mainly at theatres in order to allow the band to enhance their stage show theatrics. On September 9th they will play a one off UK show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, a venue the Cardinal recently said was on his list of venues to play.