Ghost Release ‘Chapter 7: New World Redro’ Video

Ghost’s latest chapter in the Papa Nihil, Sister Imperator and Cardinal Copia saga is now online.

Ghost band photo. The band are standing in a crypt with stained glass windows behind them. Two Ghouls stand to the left, two to the right with the pairs facing each other. Between them through the smoke of incense is Cardinal Copia.

Ghost have released their latest chapter in their video series, Chapter 7: New World Redro. The new video follows Cardinal Copia as he cycles around the ministry on a tricycle while Papa Nihil attempts to type a letter. The video is bookended with the song Faith, which was released as a single recently and currently sits at #15 in the Active Rock Radio Chart.

New World Redro
is a tribute to both The Shining and the Saw series of movies. The video takes its name partially from The Shining, where a young boy repeatedly speaks and writes the word “redrum” as the supernatural forces surrounding him become more malevolent. “Redrum” is revealed to be “murder” backwards, while “redro” in the Ghost video is the word “order” reversed. The majority of the video including Papa’s repeated typing of “All work and no play…”, the encounter with the young Sister Imperator and Cardinal Copia being confronted by twins who want to play are all homages to The Shining. The camera shot following Copia pedalling around the ministry is also a tribute but the shot in The Shining was an impressive continual one take as opposed to the multiple cuts in the Ghost video.

While in The Shining, Danny pedals around in a blue plastic tricycle with a back to it, the Ghost video has switched it to a different, yet still familiar tricycle – one very similar to the puppet Billy from the Saw series of movies uses, yet in blue.

Ghost are currently on tour supporting Metallica and then will embark on their Ultimate Tour Named Death across North America in September and October.

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