Ghost Release Official Dance Macabre Video

The origin of Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator revealed in Dance Macabre

Ghost Dance Macabre Video

Late last night the Loma Vista Twitter account posted a teaser that the long awaited video for Ghost‘s Dance Macabre would finally get released at midnight in keeping with the song’s lyrics.


Then YouTube went down for a while leading someone at Loma Vista with a sense of humour to tweet that all was going to plan.  Finally fans got to see the teased plague doctor outfits for the Nameless Ghouls as well as the origin of the relationship between Sister Imperator and Papa Nihil.

The video starts with two young men (who bear a slight resemblance to the two founders of Ghost) making their way to a mansion for a party in a homage to the scene in The Rocky Horror Picture Show where Brad and Janet walk towards the house. After being allowed in, they are treated to a dance routine before Papa and Sister get close which leads to a Kill Bill homage as Sister Imperator jabs Papa Nihil in the eye.  The video closes with a Michael Jackson Thriller style freeze with evil laugh. You can watch the video below.

Later today judges in Linkoping, Sweden will hand down judgment in the lawsuit brought by former Nameless Ghouls which is requesting access to the band’s accounts. We’ll have coverage once the verdict is delivered.

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