Ghouls to Appeal Ghost Loss, Musician References Deceased Brother of Ghost Frontman

Ghost drama becomes tasteless as Ghoul band mate gets involved.

Cardinal Copia and Ghost

As always, a note on names.

When originally published, this article stated that Peter Swedenhammar was a member of the band Roswell. He was not in fact a member of Roswell, he was the photographer for one of their albums.

Michael Berg who unsuccessfully represented the Ghouls in their lawsuit against Ghost has confirmed to SVT East that they will appeal against the decision, but added that he would not comment on the matter.

The Ghouls’s case was dismissed on Wednesday after judges felt that they had failed to prove their case that they were equal partners with Ghost’s frontman who performs as Cardinal Copia. The Ghouls were left liable to pay 4.2 million SEK (£358,000/407,000 Euros/$470,000) between the four of them.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the Ghouls with their debts by Peter Swedenhammar with the  initial message on the GoFundMe referencing Copia’s deceased brother, stating:

“A little about me. [Name], older brother of [Cardinal Copia] was one of my best friends. To See [Copia] doing this to his former mates breaks my heart considering how [Name] acted when he was alive.”

Click here for the screenshot which includes real names.

Swedenhammar is a Swedish musician who played in a band named Raped Teenagers and has a new band with one of the former Ghouls. Since then the message has changed on the page to include mention of his current band with the former Water Ghoul who was involved in the lawsuit. Currently 22,466 SEK has been raised.

The Ghost lawsuit has seen numerous dramas including

  • A Twitter account associated with the ex Ghouls retweeting a story in which the former Ghouls gang raped the Ghost frontman
  • The same Twitter account making remarks about the new Air Ghoul and arguing with Ghost fans
  • Ghost’s latest album Prequelle making numerous references to the ex Ghouls
  • Ghoul supporters accusing Swedish journalist Andreas Schander of having been bribed by Ghost

No date has yet been set for the appeal hearings at this time.

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