Grand Magus Release Fourth Part Of Documentary Series

The finale of From The North: The Grand Magus Story is upon usJB of Grand Magus sitting in a leather chair, wearing a hoodie and beanie.

Over the last few weeks Grand Magus have released their documentary, From The North: The Grand Magus Story, and now the final part has been released. Watch as front man and general overlord JB talks about working on their last four albums with Nico Elgstrand.

JB states: “We have reached the last part of this mini documentary where we dive into the mad producer Nico Elgstrand era of recordings. Silliness combined with hard work and overall fun. The four records we did together proved to be very important for the band and hopefully you’ll get a few laughs out if these stories. Stay HEAVY!”

If you missed them you can watch the other parts below:

From The North Part 1

From The North Part 2

From The North Part 3 

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