Grand Magus Release Third Part Of ‘From The North’ Documentary

Grand Magus 2019 band photo of them in front of what appears to be a wooden shack. All three members are wearing black jeans, t-shirts and leather jackets with bullet belts.

Swedish riff lords GRAND MAGUS released their new studio album Wolf God last week. Today the band is premiering the third part of FROM THE NORTH: The Grand Magus Story, in which front man and general overlord JB talks about Monument, Wolf’s Return and Iron Will in YouTube documentary.

Check it out, here:

JB states: “Headbangers! This third part takes us into MONUMENT, WOLF’S RETURN and the mighty IRON WILL. It also reveals some stuff about the mysterious Oneman who co-produced those albums with us. Hope you will enjoy it!”

Part 1 and Part 2:

From The North – The Grand Magus Story, part 1
From The North – The Grand Magus Story, part 2


Grand Magus Wolf God album cover. The album cover is a drawn image of a werewolf in a night time forest. The werewolf has manacles with broken chains around its wrists and there are arrows stuck in its back. The wolf holds a skull in its left hand while it's left hand reaches forward toward the viewer.This stunning new cover artwork was created by acclaimed artist, Anthony Roberts.