Heart of a Coward Live London Underworld 7/6/19

HEART OF A COWARD annihilate London’s best intimate music venue, Underworld, for one epic night. 9/10

Photo of Dennis Diehl from Any Given Sunday. Dennis Diehl is a big muscular man covered in tattoos screaming into a microphone. He wears a black tanktop with a red Slayer logo and a black baseball cap. Most of his face is covered by a huge beard.
Dennis Diehl of Any Given Day

The main support band, German metalcore band ANY GIVEN DAY, are best described as Europe’s answer to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, in both sound and presence, these guys dominated Underworld’s modest sized stage, whilst already being packed in tight, the support band ringing in an impressive audience. Vocalist Dennis Diehl is a force to be reckoned with in both his impressive stage presence and thunderous vocals, constantly leaning into the crowd so everyone gets a good visual of the high powered performance. ‘Saviour’ was their opening song and I felt this was slightly premature for arguably their best song, but it showed people who haven’t heard of them exactly what this band is about and got the room’s blood flowing and everyone pumped for the rest of the show.

Kaan Tasan of Heart of a Coward singing into a microphone photo. This is a colour photo shot from below him so he looms over the camera.
Kaan Tasan of Heart of a Coward

With the pulses racing from the support band’s incredible performance, HEART OF A COWARD couldn’t have had a better reception from the crowd. A packed out room called for them to take stage and cheered upon their presence instantly. Vocalist Kaan Tasan interacts with the crowd, singing into the excited fans and the entirety of the band keep up with Kaan’s energy with brilliant instrumentals, from the drums to the guitarist’s riffs, the band know how to put on a show. Fresh off releasing their latest album ‘Disconnect’, the band has a set list with a perfect mix of new and old, with classics such as ‘Deadweight’ and ‘Shade’ to their newer tracks such as ‘Ritual’ and ‘Drown in Ruin’. The pits aren’t the heaviest I’ve seen grace London’s Underworld, but the crowd who want to most still get into it and are quite respectful in comparison to some I’ve seen. Although all hell breaks loose during ‘About a Girl (In 80 Days)’ as this is when a full blown stage invasion occurs, something I had only seen once before at a tiny WHILE SHE SLEEPS gig, and it’s heartwarming to see a band make a lot of fan’s days by sharing the stage with them.

Photo of Vishal "V" Khetia of Heart of a Coward. He is playing bass while wearing a black tank top which shows his tattooed arms. He has short black hair and a full black beard.
Vishal “V” Khetia

All in all HEART OF A COWARD know how to put on an excellent show and I hope to see them dominate bigger venues in the near future! 9/10

Colour photo of Heart of a Coward's Carl Ayers. He's wearing a tank top and playing a 7 string guitar. He has short light brown hair and no tattoos. Behind him is the large banner with Heart of a Coward written on it.
Carl Ayers

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