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Timeless, feel good, proper heavy metal 8/10Herman Frank band

You know how sometimes you just really want some really classy, old-school, fuss-free heavy metal? Hell for leather, all the aces, balls to the wall stuff. But something you’re not familiar with, something to delight and maybe even motivate you. However you can’t be bothered to skip through dozens of new releases to find the tasty treat you’re looking for? You can stop looking NOW.
Herman Frank, guitarist extraordinaire and an integral part of the German metal scene since the 1980’s is back to deliver an uncompromising beast of an album.

Formerly of Accept, to date Herman Frank has done two great stints with the band from 1982 until 1983 and then rejoining for their 2005 comeback tour, departing in 2014 when he departed to form Panzer.

Fight the Fear
sees the return of Rick Altzi (Masterplan, Sandalinas, At Vance) who has been on board since the second release Right In The Guts and the incredibly tight rhythm section continue their powerful delivery as heard on the last album The Devil Rides Out André Hilgers on drums (Silent Force) and bassist Michael Müller (Jaded Heart, Heavens Trail) and introduces guitarist Heiko Schröder. Frank has stated

“We’ve never had this kind of band structure before, each of us plays an active part in our collaboration, and the result is a fantastic and highly constructive approach to our work.

Frank has always believed that the vocalist should contribute the lyrics, as it is they who has to deliver the conviction and passion of the words. Altzi has said with regards to the lyrical content:

It wasn’t my intention to make any political statement on this album but my frustration concerning where we are in the world today somehow led me to write lyrics about that. How do we adapt to the threat and the fear of violence? Mankind seems to have a short memory keeps on doing the same mistakes over and over again. How we in modern time still let’s religion dictate and form the decisions made by people and governments?

But I only wrote eight out of fourteen lyrics, so there’s enough room for love songs and pure rock’n roll.

There is an abundance of rock ‘n roll, from opening track Until The End (quite literally)! The production is classy and there is not a synth in sight, for the duration. Glorious guitar work is a key aspect, however the music is far more than just the talents of Herman Frank. This is a band and they are quite exceptional. The opening track rocks and rocks hard, Fear actually ups the tempo with a hint of NWOBHM and a chorus to rouse the dead. Anthemic and exhilarating frenzied it’s a title track to serve the album well. Check it out here

slows the pace somewhat, but this is a heavy, sleazy and groovy beast of a track with abundant cowbell and is sure to become a firm fan favourite. Sinners returns us to breakneck speed, Hatred is slower paced but is no less powerful and as a track affords a momentary breather. Flowing perfectly into Hail & Row with its slow building majesty, while the rifftastic Hitman, Stay Down and Rock You gets those heads-a-banging. Don’t Cross The Line continues our adventure in classy, classic metal before the high octane of Are You Ready. Wings Of Destiny is a delightfully upbeat blast of jubilant driving rock. Lost In Heaven closes in the form of a bombastic power ballad, with more kick that a chilli tequila.

Tallying in at over an hour long, with an outstanding fourteen tracks, Fight the Fear represents excellent value , timeless, feel good, proper heavy metal

Herman Frank Fight the Fear


01 Until The End
02 Fear
03 Terror
04 Sinners
05 Hatred
06 Hail & Row
07 Hitman
08 Stay Down
09 Rock You
10 Don’t Cross The Line
11 Are You Ready
12 Wings Of Destiny
13 Waiting For The Night
14 Lost In Heaven

Herman Frank releases his new album Fight The Fear on the 8th February via AFM Records.

Order the new album here

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