I Am Pariah – Procreate // Annihilate Review

Epic EP by Stoke power trio 8/10

Hailing from Stoke on Trent, I Am Pariah mean business with this incredibly well recorded second self release. The power trio come out of the gate blazing with huge riffs, deep grooves and invigorating metal. Entitled Procreate// Annihilate it is a relevant and personal reflection of the frustrations of this modern world and the ugliness of society- how some individuals are simply nasty and one sided and born to destroy. An intrinsic lack of respect and ability to cause misery, confounded by the war machine and conscriptions.

Commencing with ‘Heavy in Japan’  a fast paced stomper of a track and an ‘ode to the modern day heavy rock band who has a love/hate relationship with the music business.’
How fledgling bands will sacrifice all for their passion and yet receive so very little in return, only to be left with memories of ‘a time when dreams were real’.
It’s rousing, upbeat with a great solo and is quite the ‘fuck you.’
You can check out the track here:

A Place To Belong is slightly slower paced and more melancholy but very melodically aggressive. ‘I am better than you ever were to me’, reflects how a person has to find their place in society following a challenging or unfortunate past. Specifically, the track tackles the very real taboo of child sexual abuse in a most unexpected and powerful manner.

Cult Society is another anthemic offering which will transpose wonderfully live and a call to arms against censorship and a turgid, passive society.

Big Shot closes with it’s deep funky grooves and hooks. While this could be a full circle return to those industry professionals and doubters of the opening track, it is described as an ode to be yourself. Channeling the hatred for the individuals that try to manipulate and ‘destroy greatness when they see it’.

I Am Pariah competently mix styles of classic heavy metal, with numetal and punk styles which is sure to appeal to fans of many genres. This is a powerful and very well assembled EP, by an incredibly promising band.

I Am Pariah cover

I Am Pariah’s new ep ‘Procreate//Annihilate’ is released 30th November.

1. Heavy In Japan
2. A Place To Belong
3. Cult Society
4. Big Shot

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