Ihsahn releases live video of ‘Until I Too Dissolve’

Watch the open-air performance in a disused dam at Motstrøms, Norway hereIhsahn

Taken from the Motstrøms event, – curated by husband & wife duo, Heidi S.Tveitan [Starofash]and Vegard S. Tveitan[Ihsahn, Emperor] and featuring interwoven performances from Ihashn, Emperor, Leprous, Starofash, Knut Buen and world-renowned author, Hans HerbjornsrudIhsahn has released a video documenting his live performance of ‘Until I Too Dissolve’, which features on the Candlelight Records released album, Arktis.

Ranging from the most extreme edges of black metal, to the mellow soundscapes of visual arts and poetry, Motstrøms beautifully combined all these elements for a spectacular show at Myrens Dam, in the heart of Telemark, Norway.

Check the video out here:


Ihashn’s current album, Àmr, is out now and available HERE.

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