Incite – Built To Destroy review

Aggressive, heavy on the groove and surprisingly accessible for lovers of modern metal. 8/10Incite band

Incite have released their fifth album, Built To Destroy since their full length debut in 2009. But still, they are predominantly known for frontman Richie Cavalera, the stepson of Max (Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy.)  Formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 2004 and despite personnel changes, the core members have been united since 2013. Until the quintet became a quartet and the astonishing Dru Rome picked up lead guitar as well as rhythm from 2016. Tight, brutal and uncompromising, one day I hope Incite can break out of the shadow of their predecessors, but for me that day has yet to come.

Produced by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence) and mastered by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed), Built to Destroy this is a sound album, but I had hopes for more. I don’t expect Incite to reinvent the wheel, or even a new mode of transport but I would have liked a little something extra, an aspect of something different (that I probably would not have liked!) Therein lies the problem, Incite are remarkably good, but they need a little something to stand out. Each track is fantastic in its own right, I don’t want to become immune to their power from listening fatigue. I definitely do not want a ballad either! Admittedly there is more in the line of guitar solos and they are superb. I guess there’s no pleasing some people! As great as these tracks sound recorded, live these will be staggering.

First up is the title track, Built to Destroy. It’s relentless and the combined rhythm powerhouse of Derek Lennon Lopez (drums) and Christopher Elsten (bass) are truly a force to be reckoned with and the searing guitar solo over such a gut punching groove is staggering.

“We’re ready for all the metalheads to hear and see this new video! We wanted to do something that was dark and full of energy with lots of heaviness, and really keep it all about the music. Are you Built to Destroy?”

Ruthless Ways
was the first single and is extraordinarily rousing and intense, close your eyes and you can smell the grass of a festival pit.

Backbone is anthemic with a disturbingly catchy riff and I genuinely pity all invertebrates incapable of banging along to this. Resistance is a beast of a groove and Cavalera ups his guttural growling game. But then we have Human Cancer, where Kirk Weinstein of Crowbar joins the melee and ups the ferocity and dynamism of the snarls in a track that brutally warns of environmental catastrophe.
Confronting Darkness
immediately grips you by the throat with its remorseless power, Leech with its insane syncopation is a circle pit waiting to happen to accompany the groovy riffs and angst ridden vocals. Poisoned by Power features the vocals of Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under) in a moderately slower paced ferocious pummelling. Cessation ramps up the pace and is sure to become a live favourite with its huge chorus while Hate For Life follows in a similar but more guitar orientated groove before the vicious exasperation of Savior Self begs the listener to live for what’s right.

Incite amalgamate hardcore and groove metal into a dynamic bundle of pit inducing festival ferocity. Catch them if you can at Bloodstock!


Built to Destroy Track Listing:

01. Built to Destroy
02. Ruthless Ways
03. Backbone
04. Resistance
05. Human Cancer
06. Confronting Darkness
07. Leech
08. Poisoned by Power
09. Cessation
10. Hate For Life
11. Saviour Self

Built To Destroy was released January 25 and is available for order here

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