Iron Savior – Kill Or Get Killed review

A call to arms for power metal space marines! 7.5/10Iron Savior band

For over two decades, Iron Savior have been delivering their own brand of power metal. Formed in Hamburg in 1996, the concept of the Atlantean built sentient Iron Savior spacecraft and its saga constructed by the multi-talented producer, guitarist and singer songwriter Piet Sielck. This tenth adventure is considerably darker in tone, Kill Or Be Killed has been explained by Sielck as

“We just were up for something new, and I was inspired by the book ‘The Star of Pandora’, a sci-fi novel about the destruction of humanity by an alien civilisation.

Fear not, this is certainly not a sombre affair, it is incredibly uplifting despite the subject matter!

Whether you are a fan of sci-fi and/ or concept albums or not, but you do enjoy a heavy slab of power metal then there is plenty to be enjoyed here.

Kill Or Get Killed opens the album in bombastic style, this is power metal at its purest. Exceptional clean guitar harmonies, rasping vocals with an urgency that commands your attention and a passion that engages your very being. Despite this being the tenth album in the series, it is as captivating as their first delivery. Roaring Thunder grips from the first bar with a chorus that may cause spontaneous head banging, which leads into the anthemic Eternal Quest with its deadly hooks and pounding bass. This is an eternity I would be rather pleased with. You can check out Eternal Thunder right here

From Dust And Rubble is an absolute delight, they say your destiny is to spread your wings and fly despite being born in dust and rubble. Uplifting and inspired, fight to be free for evermore! We are the n warned through the mosh paced Sinner Or Saint that he is the master, the lord of all things and an awe-inspiring mastermind. But we must Stand Up And Fight. Heroes Ascending screams of an instant classic, with some of the finest riffs of the album and Never Stop Believing continues the euphoric and epic atmosphere. Yes its cheesy, this is power metal!

Until We Meet Again brings us vocal effects from outer space (not Europe) rarely heard in rock music any more for this hard-hitting prog influenced ballad. Clocking in a little shy of eight minutes, I am quite sure that this will be staggering to witness live.

Legends Of Glory ends the album on a gloriously fast paced, jubilant track that inspires fist pumps aplenty. Kill Or Get Killed is not really breaking any new ground, but what it does do is cleverly deliver classic-style 80’s rock and metal that will exhilarate you.

A call to arms for power metal space marines! Long may this saga continue.

Kill or Be Killed will be released on March the 8th and can be ordered here

Iron Savior Kill or Get Killed
Kill Or Get Killed
Roaring Thunder
Eternal Quest
From Dust And Ruble
Sinner Or Saint
Stand Up And Fight
Heroes Ascending
Never Stop Believing
Until We Meet Again
Legends Of Glory
Sin City (Bonus)

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