Josh Todd On Being “Frustrated” That Buckcherry Aren’t Bigger

17 minute audio interview with Buckcherry singer

Buckcherry Josh Todd
(c) Rebecca Willday

Buckcherry singer Josh Todd has done a 17 minute interview in which he talks about the difficulties Buckcherry have faced and overcome. In 2017 Keith Nelson and Xavier Muriel quit leaving Todd as the only remaining founding member, the band faced burn out from over touring and other problems. Todd also discusses his frustrations at Buckcherry not being bigger than they are.

Buckcherry released their latest album Warpaint on March 8th which received a 10/10 review from The Metal Report and their live show scored a 9/10 as the band have been widely regarded to have “returned to form” .

Stay tuned as this week we’ll be giving away a copy of Warpaint on CD!

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