Judge in Ghost Trial Accused of Bias

Judge allegedly in the same Freemason order as Ghost’s frontman

Cardinal Copia and Ghost

A note about names and identities

The judge in the Ghost lawsuit has been accused of having a conflict of interest as he and Ghost’s front man are allegedly in the same Swedish Masonic Order.  Judge Henrik Ibold was the lead judge in a panel of three during the trial which was awarded in favour of Ghost’s Cardinal Copia and now Michael Berg, the lawyer for the former Ghouls, has claimed Ibold was biased due to this association.

Ibold has said that he did not know Copia is a member of the Masonic Order, though he had heard rumours. He also says that he does not feel that the Court of Appeal will find any bias in his decision.

Michael Berg, in his filing with the Court of Appeal states, “For Henrik Ibold, it must almost have been impossible to objectively and impartially assess the proof value of the information that [Cardinal Copia] has given.” Berg also quotes rules from the Swedish Order of Freemasonry which states that all members must tell the truth.

The former Ghouls apparently became aware of both Ibold and Copia’s membership on November 14th by viewing the members list.

The Freemasons have been the subject of conspiracy theories over the years with claims that they are a shadowy organisation whose members work together to give each other preferential treatment in society. Rumours of bizarre ceremonies and member getting away with crimes due to Masonic connections have persisted but the Masons deny them. Freemasonry has been in decline for years resulting in a worldwide recruitment drive with Masons openly talking to the media to create a transparency about the organisation.

The Court of Appeal has yet to decide whether to allow the appeal or not and will now be required to assess whether this new information is relevant.

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