Kadavar – Live in Copenhagen Review

Into the Wormhole riding a Doomsday Machine 9.5/10Kadaver

This release is Kadaver recorded live at their infamous show at the Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, from November 2017. This tour was in support of their recently released fourth studio album ‘Rough Times’ which has built upon their reputation and talent.

Groovy, dark bluesy and heavy it’s psychedelic stoner rock and this is Kadavars second live release. This a great display of their back catalogue with an amalgamation of classic crowd pleasers and new material.

Opening with Skeleton Blues a space rock odyssey from their latest studio release ‘Rough Times’ and a powerful introduction to one of the most talented trios in rock and metal.

Doomsday Machine from their second studio release, is performed fantastically and still sounds fresh despite being a live favourite.

Into the Wormhole slides so well into the set, you would not believe this to be new material, gloriously heavy it can transport you or suck you in. The Old Man sets off into a gallop that that cannot fail to get your head nodding. The pace picks up with Die Baby, Die which is delivered as masterfully as expected. Again, it’s a new track heavy, but so psychedelically groovy and upbeat to make you want to get up and go-go dance! Black Sun also appears on their 2014 live album recorded in Antwerp, it’s a great track and the delivery is far more confident and dare I say impressive now. A rousing performance of Living in Your Head

Into The Night is a monster of a tune and has been released as a live single prior to the album, you can check it out here:

Forgotten Past and its heavy sludgy doom introduction is a masterclass in vintage style deliveries while maintaining a modern and professional output. Every track delivers and is delivered faultlessly. Tribulation Nation follows it’s heavy on the space rock and again new material which shows the development of the band. The odyssey comes to a close with the behemoth that is Purple Sage, which is actually longer than the recorded version but is more organic and reminiscent of the prog jams rarely witnessed these days. Breathtaking.

This is an accomplished and true reflection of the skull crushing intensity and talent of a Kadaver live performance. This is honest and loud, wonderfully recorded and a testament to the trios talent. If you are not already a fan this, is actually a great introduction to the creative stomp machine that is Kadavar.  The only minor irritation with regards to this release was the abrupt cut of applause in the editing, leading from one track to the next. Whether a gentle fade out would be preferred by anyone other than this humble reviewer, is not important!

The vinyl editions also contain All Our Thoughts and Come Back to Life, which I would sincerely recommend checking out!Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - Artwork

1. Skeleton Blues
2. Doomsday Machine
3. Pale Blue Eyes
4. Into The Wormhole
5. The Old Man
6. Die Baby Die
7. Black Sun
8. Living In Your Head

Live in Copenhagen is released October 12 by Nuclear Blast

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