Kingsmen + ExitWounds – SharpTone Records Split Series #1 review

A bombastic and promising introduction 8/ 10KingsmenExitwounds

Los Angeles based independent label SharpTone Records have embarked on a new “Split Series” of releases that commences with their first release on November 2nd. The series will be released digitally every few months and will feature a collection of songs from emerging and established bands on their roster.

SharpTone Records is an independent music company encompassing a multitude of genres and subgenres in hard rock and alternative music. With the premise of providing a global and limitless platform for visionary artists. I’m sold.

The first release in this series introduces fans to the label‘s newly signed metal bands Kingsmen and ExitWounds with four ferocious and uncompromising tracks.

Oppressor is the first track on the release, by Rhode Island based metal quintet, Kingsmen. Its high octane metal and you can sample it as they have released a video for it as their new single. The second track, Outsider is also by Kingsmen and it’s another brutal, upbeat riot of energy to instantly transport you from mundane realities to a wonderful festival pit environment. Impressive, intense and a lot of fun, check out Oppressor here:

Perfectly complementing the all too brief introduction to Kingsmen,we have Indianapolis based ExitWounds. Despite being separate and distinct entities, the musical output (based on this split series example) works terrifically well. SharpTone should possibly run a dating agency, based on such perfect matchmaking! Hades is blisteringly upbeat with a percussive pummelling on the side while Choices is thematically similar with a crowd rousing chorus and melody. You can check out Hades here

Pre-order the Split Series #1 here

This is a fantastic taster of not only Sharp Tone Records and emerging talents, but also of the abilities of the two artists on this debut release. Perfectly timed for Skeletors Snake Mountain Christmas party. It’s powerful stuff and it is a great appetiser, when will we get the main course?! I very much look forward to further introductions!

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