Kvelertak to Debut New Singer on Friday

Norwegian gig will go ahead with new singer.


Following on from yesterday’s announcement that Erlend Hjelvik was leaving Kvelertak, the band have announced on their Facebook page that Friday’s gig will go ahead with a new singer. The band had apparently known for a while that Hjelvik was planning to leave and therefore had a replacement already lined up, although the original plan was Hjelvik to play the four summer shows in Norway.  The band also announced that they are currently working on their next album, intended for release in 2019.

The full statement:

 We have known for a while that Erlend has planned to step down, so we have had the necessary time to plan the way going forward and also find a new vocalist for Kvelertak.

The original plan was to finish up the festival season with Erlend, but as Erlend is not able to do so, we are therefore proudly announcing our newest member at the upcoming show Friday, July 20th, at Fjellparken, Norway.

We would like to thank Erlend Hjelvik for his contribution to the band, and wish him all the best for the future.

-Vidar, Maciek, Bjarte, Marvin, Kjetil