Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers release new track, “The Airplane Song”

Debut album Born To Rot out November 9Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers

“’Bought to Rot’ ranges from screaming blasts of punk (‘China Beach’) to poppier tracks reminiscent of Ted Leo’s propulsive tunes (‘The Airplane Song’) to fuzzy,  gritty rock that picks up where the Strokes left off on ‘Is This It’  (“Valeria Golino”).” – The New York Times

“Regardless of its name or packaging, ‘Bought to Rot’ is yet another outlet for Grace’s boundless creativity.” – Billboard

This is a record scorched with honesty across its 14 tracks, unapologetically confessional, capturing many moments snipped from Grace’s life and stitched together in song. As a complete body of work, the album stands as the most musically diverse collection of songs Grace has written.  Available for pre-order here

Check out “The Airplane Song” from the collection streaming on YouTube HERE.

Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers are Laura Jane Grace, Atom Willard, and Marc Jacob Hudson. Grace is a musician, author, and activist best known as the founder, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the punk rock band Against Me! Willard, also of Against Me!, is a drummer who has played in iconic punk bands such as Rocket from the Crypt, Social Distortion, and The Offspring. Devouring Mothers bassist Hudson is a recordist and mixer at Rancho Recordo, a recording studio and creative space in the woods of Michigan, and the sound engineer for Against Me!

Bought to Rot was written largely in motion – on tour, in Spain, Australia, Amsterdam hotel rooms, and some at home in Chicago. Although it’s a step and a twist away from Against Me!’s sonic blueprint, there’s still a kinetic punk energy that vibrates throughout as well as a refreshing sense of variety presented through a vast array of musical textures and lyrics that read like separate short stories. “My approach musically to the record was that I wanted it to feel like a mixtape,” Grace recently told Rolling Stone. “Like OK, you’ve got this Nirvana-like song, you’ve got a Cure song. It was musically freeing, in that way, to just be playing whatever was coming to me as I was writing and not having to think about it.”

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