Marilyn Manson Video for Cry Little Sister

Marilyn Manson releases video for Cry Little Sister cover.

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has released the video for Cry Little Sister from the New Mutants soundtrack. The song was originally performed by Gerard McMahon and was used for the theme of the classic 1987 vampire movie The Lost Boys which starred a young Keither Sutherland. The video was teased by Manson on his Instagram back in May and was used in the New Mutants trailer which was released a few weeks ago.  New Mutants is an X-Men tie in starring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones and is released in August 2019. It is notable for being a horror movie rather than an action film like previous X-Men moves.

Marilyn Manson is no strangers to either cover songs or movie soundtracks, his covers include:

  • I put a Spell on You (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins)
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (The Eurythmics)
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Ni**er (Patti Smith)
  • Suicide is Painless (Theme from MASH) (Johnny Mandel)
  • God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash)
  • Five to One (The Doors)
  • Tainted Love (Gloria Jones)
  • Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)
  • Highway to Hell (AC/DC)
  • Stigmata (Ministry)

Manson’s music has 121 IMDB credits but was most notably used on the soundtracks:

  • Natural Born Killers
  • Strange Days
  • The Lost Highway
  • Private Parts
  • Spawn
  • The Matrix
  • Detroit Rock City
  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
  • From Hell
  • Queen of the Damned
  • Bowling for Columbine
  • The Matrix
  • The Matrix Reloaded
  • House of Wax
  • Saw 2
  • Trick R Treat
  • Gamer
  • Chernobyl Diaries
  • Horns
  • John Wick
  • Atomic Blone
  • Rough Night
  • Resident Evil

Cry Little Sister has also been covered by The LA Guns in 2010.

Marilyn Manson is set to tour with Rob Zombie on a 29 date US tour starting next month. titled ‘The Twins of Evil – the Second Coming’.