Martin Atkins Crowdfunds New Book, “Memories – My Five Years In and Out of Public Image Ltd”

PiL drummer to release in depth behind the scenes book

Martin Atkins

Martin Atkins‘s career in music has spanned 35 years, having played for Public Image Ltd, Killing Joke, Ministry, Pigface, Murder Inc and The Damage Manual, as well as winning a Grammy for his work with Nine Inch Nails. Now he’s crowdfunding a new book that will be a behind the scenes look at Public Image Ltd.

“For a large chunk of my time with PiL, we were the most dangerous band on the planet – no one knew what we were going to do next – (least of all us) – it was special and crazy and awesome as fuck.” begins acclaimed drummer Martin Atkins as he talks about his upcoming book, Memories – My Five Years In and Out of Public Image Ltd. (1979-1985).

“If there is one thing that has changed over that time it has been my understanding that different people really do see things differently – hence the title Memories. I do very much care about the sum of the parts and the parts that make up the sum,” says Martin Atkins. “This isn’t my book in the same way that PiL back then wasn’t just John’s. It was all of ours. And as much as I might prefer to not be called a twat by Keith Levene – his – or anyone else’s exclusion from this book seems incorrect. There is more to be learned from seeing other people’s points of view than by slamming the door. So, I’ve been careful to talk to a lot of people that were around us. You might call this the companion book to the first part of The Public Image Is Rotten documentary. My memories are intense and when that fails, I have my diaries!

This is a journey for me too – I’ve already experienced a few things that have surprised me, stretched myself in ways that I am proud of and I’m excited to continue this journey of discovery and documentation with you.”

As of now Martin Atkins has made his campaign the sole way of pre-ordering the book. In conjunction with the pre-order, many special items are available via PledgeMusic, including a rare 1979 cardboard lyric print that can be autographed by request, a signed drumhead, signed drumsticks, a live drum session, and more.

Memories – My Five Years In and Out of Public Image Ltd. (1979-1985) features over 40 interviews with those who were involved with the book.

The campaign site also includes a personal video filmed by Martin Atkins discussing the book.