Megadeth to Release New Material in 2019

95% chance of a new album, 100% chance of a new song.


Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine has confirmed that there is a 95% chance of a new album in 2019 and a 100% chance of a new song during an interview with Guitar World. The interview focuses on the remastered release of Killing is my Business…and Business is Good!, the writing and recording process, along with details about the bonus tracks.  The remastered version includes seven never before heard live tracks which were taken from VHS videotapes Mustaine found in his attic along with the original Megadeth three track demo and a reworked version of These Boots Were Made For Walkin’. The song’s original version featured lyrical changes by Mustaine that writer Lee Hazelwood later objected to, meaning that some versions had bleeped out lyrics. The new version has only the lyrics written by Hazelwood.

Mustaine talks about Megadeth touring for 72 weeks following the release of Killing is my Business…and Business is Good! and playing material live that would appear on the band’s next album, Peace Sells. Mustaine also confirms that new material is currently being written by the band’s members, most notably, he concludes the interview discussing the possibility of new Megadeth material in 2019:

“Absolutely. For sure. A whole new record, I would say the chances are probably 95 percent. And at least one new song, I’d say it’s 100 percent. No question.”

Megadeth’s last album was 2016’s Dystopia.